The digital world has not only given us plenty of options but has also trapped us to choose from plenty. Everyone is busy trying new ways to grab people’s attention and many can’t spend heftily on marketing. One quick and effective solution is e-mail marketing and we are here to give you a guide that helps you use this tool.

Ways to start e-mail marketing for your business

The following points are the step by step e-mail marketing guide that will help you get to the targeted customers:

1. Build an e-mail list

When people navigate to your website or your products and services, you know that have an interest. Many times they put in their e-mail ID for further notification, while many times you have access to it anyway. It helps you build a list of users who are interested in what you do and might get back to you any time. It helps you add contacts to your list to whom you can send e-mails as a marketing tool.

2. Draft an e-mail

Not every e-mail you send will happen due to their subscriptions. Sometimes, you might have contacts otherwise and try out your luck. For both the cases, it is extremely important to know what you’re sending. It expresses your company, your brand, and adds value. The content, the images, and entire e-mail reflect of your identity and must be well-crafted.

3. Mention the call-to-action

Like the conclusion of every blog posts you read, even your e-mail must have a call-to-action in the end. It can be the header or footer of the e-mails or a large button that helps the reader click through to your website. It must express what you expect out of the person who receives your mail. It also shows the amount of interest your marketing strategy is pulling up.

4. Follow up

Once you start having subscribers coming through from the marketing strategy, you ought to find them revert back too. The first e-mail for follow up is usually crucial as it determines the success of your campaign. You need to write an engaging introduction that makes the reader feel like you’re starting a conversation. It shouldn’t be like a robotic or automated e-mail as many people mark it as spam.

5. Know what subscribing want

You need to keep the preferences of your audience in mind rather than thinking of what you want to sell. If subscribers add their names during the sign-up process, you must use that too. People like e-mails that are addressed to them as it comes with a personal touch. The tonality of your content is also important because how you say often matters more than what you say. People like informal and engaging tones rather than firm and formal ones.

e-mail marketing guide

6. Check the final draft

Make sure you run the final draft through a grammar tool to ensure that your e-mail is perfect. The content will reflect the face of your company and you don’t want to let it down with bad grammar. You can also add graphics that look simple and easy to understand.

7. Testing the e-mail

An important step that many people miss out from the e-mail marketing guide is that you need to test it. You need to check for yourself if it runs smoothly and makes sure your mail doesn’t go into the spam folder.

8. Schedule

You need to fix the right hours to send e-mails for marketing. Weekdays and morning are the best times when people are likely to go through your texts. Although it can depend on business trading hours there are general rules that work too.

9. Track and analyze

You need to figure out how well your email marketing Tips is working. You need to find out the engagement score that helps you tally the number of emails that have been opened and the ones that have been a click-through to. You also need to figure out how many people unsubscribed and how many bought a product you were probably promoting.

If you find a low amount of results in the e-mail opened list, chances are that people delete before reading it. However, there are many ways to enhance subscribers and make people more brand-aware. The results will determine the following steps that you should take, but you shouldn’t let go of the already subscribed.


E-mail marketing is one of the cheapest ways of making people more brand-aware. Giving this a shot might be time-consuming but not expensive compared to other options. It is a valuable way to make small businesses reach out to people. Try out this method and you will find more people navigate to your website. You will also have more subscribers and increase in conversion rate.

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