Water in the ear is a very popular matter and can easily happen to anyone. During swimming or taking a shower or bath, water can suddenly get inside the ears. Commonly, the wax in the ear canal has stopped fluid from going deep inside the ears. But sometimes, fluid and water can suddenly get trapped within the ears. It is the reason for causing a tickling sensation in the ears creating a lot of uncomfortable and annoying feelings. It can also be accompanied by pain and reduce hearing ability. If left untreated, water in the ears can lead to hearing loss, eardrum inflammation, cyst formation, and other ear problems. It is the reason why it is essential to remove water in the ears as soon as possible.

The first step you need to do is find out the place of water in the ears, whether the water is in the outer ear or middle ear. If the water is accumulated in the middle ear then you need to ask professional advice’s from doctors. If the water is in the outer ear, then this article will give you the most effective tips for you to solve this matter easily at home.

  • Gravity

The most effective way to get rid of water from the ears is to take advantage of gravity. The first step is tilt the head sideways and then hold the side of affected ear parallel to the ground. The second steps is place the palm of your hand flat against the affected ear and press hard for a while and then remove the hand fast. This action will create a temporary vacuum which is able to dislodge the water. The final step is use a cotton ear bud to gently and carefully get rid of the water draining from the ears. It is advised that you do not insert the ear bud into the affected ear.

Besides, if you yawn or make chewing motions then they also can get rid of water and fluid in the ear canal by forming pressure in the middle ear and stretching the canal of ears.

  • Valsalva Maneuver

Thanks to its ability of popping the ears to open the Eustachian tubes, Valsalva maneuver can help you get rid of water or fluid in the ears completely and effectively. At first, close the mouth and pinch the nostrils with the fingers. The second step is taking a very deep breath. Thirdly, gently blow air out of the nose to regulate air pressure. If this kind of method is practiced right, then you will hear a popping sound that means the Eustachian tubes have been open again successfully. In addition, it is noted that you should not blow the nose too hard that makes negative impacts on the ear drum.

  • Blow Dryer

Normally, blow dryer is used to dry our hair and hardly is used with other part of our body. However, the dryer is very effective equipment in case of suffering from water in the ears. As you have already known, a blow dryer is used to speed up evaporation process. It is also not an exception in the case that water is in the ears. You can use a blow dryer to quickly remove the trapped fluid in the ears. The dry and warm  air from blow dryer will effectively turn the water to steam and quickly boost it dissipate out of the ear. For more detail instruction, you can read the following steps:

  • Pull your ear lobe away gently from your body
  • Hold the blow dryer about from 10 to 12 inches away from the affected ear
  • Set the dryer heat to warm together with air flow to low
  • Turn the dryer on and aim it into the ear canal directly
  • Hold the dryer in position for about 30 seconds. It is noted that the maximum time is about a minute. If needed, repeat this method all over again.
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

How many times do you hear the name of vinegar particular apple cider vinegar and alcohol as a natural home remedies? If your ears are uncomfortable due to trapped water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar is an effective and age-old home remedy to remove fluid in the ear completely. Thank to the antibacterial properties of vinegar, this method will help you not only remove water in the ears but also kill germs present here effectively. All you need to do is mix 1 small spoon if alcohol and 1 small spoon of vinegar and the put the mixture into a dropper. After that put from 2 to 3 drops of the mixture in the ear and then gently rub the opening of the ear canal for 30 seconds. Hold on a second and then tilt the head in order to remove the fluid and water.

We hope these tips will help you quickly and effectively remove water in the ears!

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