A good night sleep definitely work wonders on the body and mind alike!

However, if your bed is not as comfortable as it should be, then you might be losing out on hours of valuable, deep sleep every night.

Considering that we spend almost a third of our lives in our bed, it is no surprise that getting the right mattress with a little help from Sleepify is a crucial decision.

The right bed will ensure a productive and restful sleep which can help you reap numerous health benefits and improve your overall wellbeing.

So, how does the right mattress do that?

1. Prevents Allergies

It may not affect everyone, however, it takes a toll on anyone with allergies and asthma.

And people may not commonly consider it, but mattresses can dictate whether your allergies or asthma will get better or worse.


Old mattresses can be the perfect environment for dust mites and bed bugs! Why? Because these microscopic creatures feed on dead cells that your body regularly sheds. Dust mites can also lead to skin problems like eczema and respiratory issues which can promote a sore throat and damage your lungs.

However, with a new, comfortable mattress, there will be no accumulation of bedbugs and dust mites you need to worry about, yet. In order to prevent accumulation, you will need to wash your sheets and pillowcase regularly and vacuuming or expose your mattress to the sun once a month in order to kill these microscopic creatures.

2. Decrease Stress Levels

Stress is caused by numerous things— from health problems to job issues. However, a recent study revealed that an old mattress can also lead to an increased stress level.

Sixty people were asked to sleep on their old mattress for one month, and on a new mattress for the next month. The results revealed a decrease in stress levels significantly.

This is proof that the right mattress can be associated with a decrease in stress level since comfort and less pain can be experienced which in turn boost sleep quality and decrease cortisol levels.

3. Stop Pains And Aches

Stop Pains And Aches

Sleeping on an old, sagging mattress can induce back pain and prevent you from getting a quality sleep. Nowadays, a medium-firm support level is recommended in order to stop back pain. This type of mattress helps support adapt to the natural curves of the spine and your body that can lead to reduced pain the morning.

The right mattress also helps relieve signs of neck pain which happens if your old mattress has sagging parts which can greatly affect your body that ends up in relation with your neck and head.

Moreover, the right mattress can give the right firmness, which relieves pressure on your joints on the side, knees, hips, and shoulders.

4. Provides A Number Of Mental Health Benefits

With the right mattress that provides you with utmost comfort leads to better, quality sleep every night. And a good night sleep has a profound effect on your mental health. Good sleep can decrease moodiness as well as symptoms of depressions. It is also linked to better cognitive functioning and better memory. Not only that, but a good night sleep also means that you have enough energy and good mood for the day to tackle difficulties and challenges along the way.

5. Prevent Night Sweats

There are a few things causing night sweats— from conditions such as menopause or anxiety to the medication you might take. However, sometimes, there is no medical reason for being very sweaty at night. It might just be too hot during the night, potentially because of the mattress.

Mattresses may contribute to sweating, particularly if it is made of materials which hug the body like dense foam. The heat that your body releases during sleep might be trapped which can result to heat retention and sweating.

So, you can either choose the right mattress to sleep on or dress lighter every night, if you do not want to sweat like you’ve run a marathon at night.

6. Prevent Snoring


The right mattress can help prevent loud snoring in the middle of the night. The right mattress will support your body properly, preventing tensions on your airways which result in snoring.

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