PDF files can be tough to handle, especially when you have a lot of PDF files to review. Whether you are a student who has a lot of PDF file handouts to study or a corporate employee who is asked to review a specific business plan, it is always efficient to compile everything.

Merging PDF files is not as complicated as some might think it is. Like converting PDF files to other file formats or extracting PDF files, merging PDF can be done in just a few minutes. However, that could only be possible if you have the right tool to use for it.

PDF bear is one of the best PDF file tools that you can get online. From converting PDF files, extracting, and merging them in one document file, anything is possible with PDF bear. It is easy to use and can be accessed anytime you want.

How to merge PDF files using PDFbear

PDF bear is one of the most accessible and straightforward PDF file tools you can use for all your PDF file dilemmas. You can merge pdf files into one file on the website, and it is genuinely hassle-free and stress-free to use. To merge files on PDFbear, here are some steps that you can follow.

First, choose a PDF file that you wish to merge into one file. You can select as many PDF files as you want, and PDF bear can combine it for you in no time. Once you have selected the files for merging, drag and drop or upload it on the website. It will automatically process the site for joining.

Once the files are on the server, combine the PDF files by clicking “Merge,” and the merging process will start immediately. The waiting time will depend on how many PDF files did you merge into one file document. However, no matter how much data you combined, PDFbear works quickly and efficiently.

When the progress bar is already full, you can download your newly merged PDF file back to your computer or save it on your cloud storage. PDFbear supports file saving in Google Drive, One Box, or Dropbox. You can also send the file directly to a friend or colleague via email.

PDFbear features

Aside from being one of the most convenient and quickest PDF tools online, PDF bear has tons of features that you don’t want to miss out on. It is also free to use and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is efficient and fast.

Now, with PDFbear, you don’t have to stress that much when thinking about merging PDF files, because merging has never been this easy before. PDFbear is the quickest way to combine and join more than one PDF file into one file document. Just follow the four process steps, and you will end up with a new merged PDF file in no time!

Safe and secure system

One of PDF bear’s most excellent features is its safe and secure server. Once you have uploaded your files on the server for merging, PDFbear will only have the website’s data in a limited amount of time. The site values its user’s privacy, and they have an evident and precise Privacy Policy before using the site.

You don’t also have to worry about downloading software programs and extensions for you to use the site because PDFbear can be accessed on your web browser anytime you like. Access it on your laptop, mobile devices, tablets, and more and merge your PDF files with no stress. It’s that easy!


Aside from converting and extracting PDF files, PDFbear is the best PDF merging tool that you can use whenever you need it. The site does not have a single type of merging, but it offers more merging tools for you to use. It will only take a few seconds for PDFbear to combine all your PDF files, and you can even access it anytime you like.

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