Merging PDF files can be a lot to think of. You might think you have to download bulky software and PDF file programs to do so, but there are other more natural ways to merge a couple of PDF files into one document. Combining is necessary if you have a lot of data to organize and arrange. Therefore, merging PDF files are a great way to keep your data in one place.

Just like compiling two or more files into one file document, merging is also done in the same way. However, you would need a tool to help you when merging PDF files. PDFbear is one of the best and most recommended PDF merging tools that you can use online. It is free, and it requires no installation, which makes it very convenient.

If you have tons of PDF files that you want to compile and merge into one document, PDFbear is the best choice. In this article, you will learn how to join PDF files using PDFbear and what other features you can use for your PDF files in the future.

How to merge PDF files?

As mentioned, PDFbear is one of the best and top-rated PDF file mergers you can find online. It has a comprehensive set of tools, and it has all the best features that a PDF tool should have. You don’t have to worry about necessary subscription fees either, because you can use PDFbear freely!

If you want to merge PDF online, first, you need to upload a PDF file to the site. You can choose a file from your computer or your cloud storage. Once you’ve selected some files to merge, drag, and drop them on the server. PDFbear will process the data and scan it all through.

Next, once the files are all scanned, you can choose your options on the site. PDFbear has a menu bar where you can add necessary edits to your PDF file before merging it into one document. Once done, the PDF combiner will combine all the data in one PDF file that you can bring.

PDFbear’s compressor will modify the PDF files, and once it has been changed, you can click “Combine” and let the server do all the magic for you. After a few seconds or minutes, you will now have a freshly merged PDF file that you can download. You can download it on your computer or cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.


PDFbear Merging Features

Using PDFbear as your merging tool for your PDF files is the easiest and quickest way to merge all your data. Whether you have two or more files to combine in one document, PDFbear will be able to join all your necessary documents in one file. It is easy to use and has all the best tools for all your PDF needs!

Safe and secure

You don’t have to worry about file leakage anymore because, with PDFbear, all your files will be safe and secured on the server. PDFbear gives importance to its user’s privacy, and they have made an apparent and precise privacy policy for their clients. Once you’ve uploaded a file to the server, the data will only remain on the site for an hour and will be permanently deleted after that.

As mentioned, installations are not required when you use PDFbear, because it is an online-based PDF merger that you can use anywhere and anytime you like. Whether you’re on the go or you’re only a few minutes away from an important conference, PDFbear can be accessed easily as long as you have an internet connection.


Merging PDF files will never be a hassle again because, now that you know about PDFbear, merging will be as easy as crossing the street! It is convenient and free of charge as well. You get to experience all the brilliant features and handy tools whenever you wish.

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