PDF of Portable Document Format is one of the most used formats by many. It is because PDF files can hold an enormous amount of text, images, graphics, audio files, and many more.

But editing or altering them might be troublesome. Sometimes files have redundant and unnecessary pages. Getting rid of these useless pages can cause you a headache. Not to mention they also add up to the file size.

Have you ever looked for a tool that can help you solve this problem? Good thing that GogoPDF exists. An effective online tool that is usable in deleting pages for free with no hassle.

This article will walk you through the great things this online tool can provide.

What Is GogoPDF?

Several websites offer this kind of service and only a few stand out. Among these websites, GogoPDF takes the spotlight because of many reasons. It’s easy to delete PDF pages through this website which only takes a few simple steps.

GogoPDF is an online platform that operates through cloud-based technology. It is a website where users can perform specific tasks on their documents. It may include converting files to any file format, splitting or merging, viewing, and even editing or removing unwanted pages from their PDF files.

The website provides high accessibility and features an easy method of subscription. It takes only a strong internet connection to use the website.

How to Delete Redundant Pages in PDF Files Using GogoPDF?

PDF files are great tools for preserving the original formatting. This is one reason it is difficult to alter and edit them.

If there’s a need to delete pages from PDF files using GogoPDF follow the steps below. 

  1. Search for the PDF file on your device containing pages you want to delete. Select the file and upload it.
  2. Once uploaded, highlight the unnecessary pages.
  3. Be able to save the changes that occurred in the file.
  4. Download the edited version of the file to your device.
  5. The downloaded file is shareable with other devices or social media platforms.

Why Use GogoPDF Website to Delete Pages from Your PDF Files? 

PDF Files

GogoPDF offers amazing features. Using this website to delete pages from your PDF files lets you get help from them. It offers helpful services that you can experience by accessing the website. These are: 

1. It gives ease to use and provides high accessibility

The steps provided by the website in deleting PDF pages are easy and simple to follow. With only a few basic steps, you can delete not only one but many pages. It also gives assurance that the process will not alter other pages. It will not leave the adjusted file, not in the right format.  

2. It is accessible using any online platform 

GogoPDF exhibits great compatibility with any device and online platform. It is compatible using whatever operating system is available. Any type of browser with an internet connection can open this website. 

3. It provides many features 

You can choose to drop one or more pages in your file. Deleting the entire document can also happen if you wish to. Aside from them, you can also zoom or rotate certain pages within the file after the process.

4. It guarantees user data protection 

Privacy is one of the primary concerns of most people. This goes very well when dealing with transactions online. Ensuring that the files uploaded will not compromise personal information is important. GogoPDF guarantees this protection to all its users.

5. It can hold any file size 

No need to worry about working on large PDF files. GogoPDF can hold any file size. Upload the file, remove pages that are being required and save the adjusted one. 

6. It works through cloud-based technology 

Everything works in a cloud and is being saved through cloud storage. No need to download a software application to be able to use this online platform. You need to secure the availability of the device, the PDF file you need to edit, and an internet connection. 

Advantages Derived from Deleting PDF Pages 

Files expressed in PDF appear more formal and portray a professional appeal. Therefore, most individuals use this format to share documents. Examples are resumes, brochures, reports, and more.

Formal documents like these must contain only essential contents. So, getting rid of useless pages is a must. But deleting PDF pages is not only limited to this benefit. 

Eliminating unwanted pages from your PDF files also presents the following advantages:

  • Deleting pages reduces the contents of the file, thus reducing the file size. Dealing with PDF files in smaller sizes is easier. 
  • Since the file size is reduced, extracting information is faster and more effective. You don’t need to examine and run through a series of excessive pages.
  • A smaller file size means more storage available on the device. More storage available means more room for other important documents. 
  • It allows us to save at a reduced cost. Fewer pages require less paper for printing. It saves you more money as well. 


We are born imperfect and often make mistakes and errors in life. We always make it a habit to figure out solutions to them.

This is also true when handling issues with our PDF documents. There are errors made on certain pages in which mere editing can be solved. But often these pages are not recovered and deleting is the only option left.

It has no file size limit. Personal data security is also guaranteed. Uploaded files are being removed automatically an hour after the process.

GogoPDF is more convenient to use as well. You don’t need to download software only to access it. Only visit the site, follow the steps, and expect the adjusted file in a couple of minutes.

These things guarantee how reliable and convenient GogoPDF is. An effective online tool in deleting unwanted pages from your pdf files. Access the website now and enjoy the benefit of deleting pdf pages for free.

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