PDFs are the go-to document formats because businesses and individuals can access their documents anywhere on any device while retaining the document’s exact appearance. In that manner, you can also perform document exchange with other users if your purpose is to show metrics and other data without having any of them changed.

The only problem with using PDF as your document format is that it tends to be much larger than other document file formats. The reason for this is because PDF embeds the images and stores information such as content, color, fonts, layout, and the like. You won’t have to worry about adjusting everything from the start when opening it on a device that doesn’t have a PDF reader.

Using online tools to compress PDF files has plenty of advantages because we live in a world where we use phones to receive and send information. With that in mind, you should have a PDF compressing tool available anywhere you go. Thus, here are three essential tips on why you should start using online tools to compress PDF files.

Mobile Compatible Online Tool

You won’t always have access to a computer, and laptops are a hassle to carry, especially if you are the individual who frequently travels from one place to another. It would be best if you always had a PDF compressor available, and this is where the online tools come into play.

There are online tools out there that allow you to compress pdf efficiently due to having a mobile website version that runs smoothly on any Android or iOS device, such as PDFBear. You could even search for other popular online tools for compressing PDF files, but you have to make sure their compression settings don’t affect the quality of your image content.

PDF file

Cloud Storage

One advantage you have with using an online tool than desktop software for compressing PDF files is that particular online tools have cloud storage. To access the cloud storage, you’ll have to register for an account, and you’re free to access your PDF files in their server.

You also don’t have to worry about your files’ security because you have full access to them and delete them entirely from the online tool’s server.

Accessible on All Platforms

One essential feature that you don’t get when purchasing professional desktop software for compressing PDF files is accessibility. On online tools, however, there are various popular online PDF compression tools that you can use for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Using an online tool that’s available on all platforms is extremely useful, especially if you have peers and coworkers that need to reduce their PDF file size on the go. Keep in mind that businesses often use PDF for online content, printing, and file exchange. As a result, whenever you need PDF files, you can easily compress them for faster downloading and shareability.


There are many existing online tools for compressing PDF files on the internet, but not all of them have reliable security or effective compression algorithms. You have to make sure that the online tool you’ll be depending on reduces the size of the PDF files as small as possible while keeping the overall quality of the image content.

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