Cryptocurrency and anything related to digital currency has always been considered to be illegal or scam. The idea prevails, and very recently, the Google Playstore found 19 such applications, which was mining the cryptocurrency named Monero very secretly. These 19 aneroid applications have been found very recently, and Google has reported about them.

Very many people have a very shallow thought about the crypto community and cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, cryptorevolt has been able to educate us enough on all these matters.

The security firm has raised a question on it, and they have said that they found all of the 19 applications in the google play store, which contains coin-hive-based miners. People have used those applications without even knowing the consequences of the application. One such app that has to do with the algorithm of the data structure has been downloaded at least 10,000 to 50,000 times before Google chose to remove it.

Experts have found out that the “Coinhive” has been well hidden among the applications and the hackers use it to mine Monero in the device of the user without letting him or her know about it.

The only sign they would find is that their computers would become slow, and their CPU would become hot. The experts have also found out the Javascript included in the asset folder of the application through HTML.

Google Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency on the Market

Google had an idea about the hacking that has been going on at the underground level. But it was not sure to come out with it unless it decided that some hackers are taking advantage of such a platform, and the user is facing the consequences.

Google banned all the applications that were being used to mine cryptocurrency, and they also announced why they want to do it.

The Product Manager of Google Mr. James Wgner, who dealt with this case very carefully, has said that almost 90% of the codes that the developers have tried to incorporate have been removed from Google. He has also said that the existing cryptocurrency mining applications on google will also be delisted soon, and there will be no chance to use them again.

Indirect Way of Mining

There were many such games and applications which were producing or mining cryptocurrencies pretty successfully.

Hackers Have Tried to Get into Your Smart Phone

Have you recently felt that your smartphone has become slow? Do you feel like you have not used it at all, but even then, the battery is draining out?

All of these mean that your phone has been hacked to do crypto mining. This is a newly formed cyberattack, which means “cryptojacking.”

This means that the miners use your phone to download the crypto-mining applications in it without letting you know.

Mining is the process in which the new currency is mined, and it can also be used to verify whether the transaction has been completed or not.

Mining Monero and other cryptocurrencies have been a mystery, and people have been very secretive about it. No one knew how this could be possible unless the hackers used mobile phones to do this kind of hacking. Mining such cryptocurrencies involve a considerable amount of electricity, and you must be shocked to see such a bill. Hence the talented hackers have found a better option they have chosen the smartphones. It isn’t easy to find out if anyone is using your smartphone to mine digital currency unless your phone runs too slowly.

There are various games that the users download, and they do not even know that through those games, the hackers use to mine cryptocurrency.

With such applications existing in the play store, more and more apps are coming up, which can easily mine some cryptocurrency. Some of these are taken as rewards by the miners themselves.

The hackers or miners are high-profile developers who know how to break and mend the law and take advantage of their profession and education. Some developers use their talent for better things, while others use it for criminal activities.

The Google Play Store has now been cleaned of such applications. Now again, it has become difficult for the miners to mine.

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