Whether you’re just moving into a house or have been there for years, it’s important that you know exactly where the main water stop valve is and the location of any other valves in your house.

If you do develop a leak being able to quickly shut off a valve can make a big difference to the progression of any flood.

 Of course, being in contact with a reputable plumber Sydney is also going to help. Because most of the time a pipe bursts or a leak starts when you’re not there. A good plumber will perform an annual inspection and should find any issues before they threaten to flood your home.

Of course, it’s not always your pipe that bursts and causes the flood!

If your home is flooded by a burst pipe this is what you need to do:

Power Off

Electricity and water are not a good mixture. The minerals in the water conduct the electricity, increasing your risk of a shock. That’s why it’s essential to shut the power off as quickly as possible.

However, you mustn’t try to turn the power off if you will be stood in water to do so. In this instance, you’re going to need to get the electrical board to do it.

Find The Pipe

You need to shut the water off. There are two choices for this. The first is to shut off the supply for the entire house. This will slow the rate of flooding although there are several appliances that may continue to pump out water until they are empty.

The second option is to locate the pipe that is leaking and shut the valve of closest to this. The point of this approach is to reduce the additional flow of water faster.


You should no remove anything that can be saved before the water gets to it. Of course, it is not advisable to risk your life trying to save any item. But, if you can comfortably reach items get them out.


Notify Insurance

Your insurance company should pay for the damage to your home, although they probably won’t pay to repair the pipe. You need to tell them as soon as possible in order to get the ball rolling on your claim. The sooner they are notified the quicker you’ll have the funds you need to rectify the issue.

Document It All

Write down everything that happened and what you have done since you discovered it. Take as many pictures as possible as evidence of the issue and how bad it was. They will be useful to the insurance company.

Start Clearing Up

You can usually start clearing up without waiting for the insurance company to inspect your home. The first step is to manually remove the water, or use a pump if you have one.

You’ll then need to call a specialist firm to help you with the drying out before you can redecorate your home. The only question is whether you can live in a part of it while you’re clearing up, or if you need to stay elsewhere.

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