A burst pipe is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. They invariably burst when you are out or asleep. This means hundreds of gallons of water can enter your home, flooding it before you realize there is an issue.

Of course, you end up with two major issues, clearing up floodwater and dealing with the damage is one. But, you also need to fix the burst pipe. If you don’t you won’t have any water!

The obvious solution is to get professional help, a reputable emergency plumber Sydney can be there quickly and will help you. But, what if that’s not an option or you’ve caught the burst pipe before the house is flooded?

You need to know how to fix a burst pipe. You should note that it is always worth calling the plumber afterward to have your plumbing system checked. One burst means others could shortly follow.

Dealing With The Burst pipe

The first stage is to shut your water off. You should know where all the stop valves are before you have an issue. This will ensure you know which one to turn off. If in doubt, turn off the main supply.

There will still be water in the pipes. Turn on the faucet and this will allow the air to push the water out. It’s a good idea to get a bucket under the leak and minimize the damage if the house isn’t already flooded.

Once you’ve done this you need to identify the exact place where the pipe has burst. If it is the pipe and not the joint you’ll need a pipe cutter. It will be necessary to cut the pipe in order to insert the repair.

However, if it’s on the joint you may only need to replace the joint.

Now, you have three options:

Burst Pipe

1. Pushfit

Pushfits connections are designed for people with very limited experience of plumbing. They are very easy to use, the copper pipe simply slides straight into the connecter and clicks, locking it in position.

You can use the indicators on the side of the connector to establish where the burst pipe needs to be cut, this will give you enough pipe to fitfully in the connector on both sides. Make sure the cuts are smooth and slide the two pieces in.

2. Compression Fitting

Compression fittings are similar to pushfit. However, the fitting comes with a nut and an olive. The nut is placed over your pipe, again, the pipe will need to be cut to size. You can then slide the olive on and push the pipe into the compression fitting. Hold it firmly in place while you tighten the nut. It compresses the olive, holding the pipe in place and preventing water leaks.

It can help to use some PTFE tape on the thread.

3. Solder

Your final option is to solder the joint. You’ll need a small connector, some flux, and the solder. It is also important that the pipe is completely dry, or the solder won’t hold.

Cut the pipe, as before. Then put some flux on the inside of the connector and slide the pipes into position.  You can then heat the joint with a blow torch and, once it is hot, run the solder around the joint. Thanks to the flux it will be sucked in, sealing the joint.

Carefully turn the water back on. If it’s anything more complicated, you’re going to need a plumber!

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