To get a good sense of exactly how much a covered carport may cost you, it’s important to take a look at exactly how you want it built, along with several other factors. Here are some guidelines to assist you in your initial estimations.

Basic Covered Carport Costs

If you want a covered carport to protect your car in the case where you don’t have a garage, costs are going to start at around $3000 on average in 2021. The range goes up to $9500 or so with the average being around $6300.

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Many factors control these costs, and they include the price of getting permits, whether you want a concrete slab, whether you want it to have paint or not, how much preparation the site needs, unit size, and more. It’s worth noting that almost no matter what, you’re going to end up ahead with a carport over a garage because of the huge difference in general cost between the two.

Cost Breakdown

If you get a prefab carport for two cars, this is going to require around 16 hours of work minimum. This means, for example, that a team of four people that has experience doing this could get it done in about 4 hours.

In other words, you do have options for getting a carport done quickly if you are less worried about cost. You can pay for the materials separately from the installation for simplicity, which means that the cost of the carport in this way is going to be whatever rate you pay multiplied by four.

So, this allows for a simple way of determining cost. If you’re going to get a simple wooden covered carport, for example, then you are going to want carpenters. The average cost for local carpenters is going to be somewhere around $70 per hour.

If you’re going to have it custom built instead of doing a prefab, then the carport is going to require around 30 hours of work since the machine processes of prefab aren’t being used here. The cost under this scenario is going to come out to over $2000 for the wooden elements.

Then, you will need an electrician, which some estimates have at around $75 an hour, though it can be as high as $80 or $90 per hour depending. This will add a few hundred dollars extra, making the whole cost, beyond materials, come out to around $2400, which is a fairly cheap proposition compared to trying to purchase or build an entire garage. This is especially important given the fact that you may not have room for a garage in the first place.

Plus, garages often come out to many thousands of dollars for two cars per garage, so it helps to keep that in mind when you’re deciding how much to spend on your carport to get it customized exactly the way that you want to be. You are definitely saving just by going to the carport root. From there you can decide what to spend.

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