Marriage can be an exciting new period in your life. The promise of companionship, or raising a family, or making and keeping promises can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. A new marriage signals many firsts. You get to know about your significant other and understand them in ways and means, which dating simply could not provide.

A marriage is accompanied by making not only changes in your own routine, but also renovating spaces in your house. You cannot expect your wife to adjust to your bachelor pad, which is dirty, unkempt and lacks spaces for two adult living.

One area where major disagreements can arise is the bathroom. We all know how dear and sacred our bathroom is to us. In the following sections, we look at five bathroom-renovating tips for newly married couples.

5 Bathroom Renovating Tips for Newly Married Couples: The List

1. Plan and Discuss the Renovation process-

As you step into a new life, communication becomes key to avoiding conflicts and conveying requirements. When it comes to the renovation process, planning and discussing with your partner about their interests is essential.

This will ensure that no conflicts arise when the project is ongoing. Discuss all the intricacies, including the budget, the utilization of the spaces, the different elements in the bathroom as well as the open spaces and ventilation you would want.

2. Do all the Shopping together as a Team-

It is important to pay attention to the tastes and preferences of your partner. According to experts, Houston residents looking to remodel their bathroom, look to shop for all the bathroom fittings and other requirements together.

This helps them in avoiding confusion, communicating over the phone, sharing images when buying and so on. You would be surprised how far your preferences (even in things like the colour of the towel) differ from your better half.

3. Always talk to your Contractor together-

While this is something, which you may feel is non-essential; it can give rise to many problems. Set ground rules that none of you will speak to the contractor about making changes in your personal capacity. This will ensure no one goes behind anyone’s back in stressing his or her own interests.

You need to remember that the contractor is someone who will take advice and orders from both of you. Talking to each other helps in making decisions, which then becomes binding on both people.


4. Compromise and Adjust in different areas-

If your partner wants a certain type of paint scheme, which you are not too fond of, compromise and let them have their say. Conversely, if you want something, it is essential that your partner adjust and considers your preferences.

If you compromise all the time, and not let your voice be heard, it can lead to pent up feelings, which might surface later on and threaten your relationship. Compromising is a two-way street. If you are doing it, you are well within your rights to also expect the same from your partner.

5. Be Patient and take a break if need be-

Any of us who have gone for home renovations or kitchen remodelling know exactly how stressful the entire process can be. If you feel that it is creating too many problems, take a step back and put the process on hold.

Yes, it might cost you some time and money, but it is not worth creating tension areas between your partner and yourself. Take a well-deserved break, and check into a resort for the weekend. Do things, which take your mind off from the renovation.

The Final Word

Bathroom remodelling or any form of home improvement can be very taxing for newly married couples as they are just getting to know themselves better. It is important to understand each other and establish open channels of communication, without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.

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