Diamonds come in many sizes and a lot of different shapes. Despite each diamond being unique in their own way, various types of personalities are attracted to a specific diamond shape. As a matter of fact, the diamond shape you tend to select reflects substantially on the kind of person you truly are; your tastes match your personality.

Which diamond shape are you?

  • Round Brilliant – Timeless and Old-Fashioned

Seventy five percent of all engagement rings are in the form of a round brilliant diamond. This is because of the ageless brilliance the 60 facets of the diamond reflect, the shine making the precious stone more alluring. This kind of diamond shape never goes out of style. This is one of the reasons why they are forever the first option for diamond engagement rings. If you are an old fashioned type of girl who appreciates customs and traditions, then the round brilliant diamond is ideal for you.

  • Oval – Unique and Stylish

Oval type diamonds are a stylish modification and interpretation of the round brilliant. The prolonged shape is perfect for individuals with small fingers because it aids in providing a deception that they are longer. Despite oval diamonds having incredible brilliance, they are less popular compared to the round brilliant. This is why it makes it a good option for a person who likes standing out from the crowd. This kind of diamond shape also gives the illusion that they look larger than they actually are. So they are best suited for individuals who want a big looking stone with a low price tag.

Diamond Shape

  • Emerald – Fearless and Glorious

This shape is one of the less famous diamond shapes among the others but seems to be quite popular among stars and celebrities. The emerald has a rectangular shape with its corners cut and big flat surface that makes it simpler to detect any inclusions that might exist. They are cut with a style that looks similar to steps that highlights straight lines around its edges. Due to its spacious facets, emerald diamonds can never hide their color and will be easier to clean and maintain.

  • Marquise – Exciting and Exquisite

Marquise is a shape identical to a football that has a huge middle and tapered ends. Marquise shaped diamonds are both exciting and exquisite at the same time. The bigger surface gives the diamond a much larger look but the tapered ends provide a one-of-a-kind modern appearance. Marquise diamonds perfectly match accent diamonds. This is why they are ideal to make a really exciting and eye-catching ring design.

  • Heart – Passionate and Romantic

This kind of shape is perfect for the romantic type of person. The sophisticated cut and tender character of this diamond creates a very distinctive appearance for individuals who need to mark their most memorable occasion in their lives with the universal representation of love. The heart shape usually looks better with bigger diamonds that measures at least a carat. This is because the heart shaped cut of the stone makes it appear smaller than it truly is.

  • Princess – Classic With A Contemporary Twist

A princess cut is shaped as a square and is regarded as the second most famous engagement ring style. The princess provides a classic look just like the round brilliant but its square shape provides it a more contemporary look. Luckily, princess diamonds are less expensive compared to brilliant diamonds, making them the perfect choice for couples who are on a tight budget. This is because two princess diamonds of nearly identical size can be cut from the same rough diamond, leading to reducing the amount of wasted diamond material that is typically included in the price.

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