One of the best ways that HR practitioners can showcase their skill set, potential, and dedication to their role is by getting the international HR certifications. But which one is the best? People who are trying to break into the field of HR, it is a big question. Now, every candidate wants to become more attractive to the employer. This is why they are looking for such certifications that can help them to build a solid expertise over time. Competition has become severe that individuals need to build a unique value proposition which they can offer while getting interviewed. But before obtaining any kind of certification, you have to ask yourself:


  • Why should I get certified?
  • What are my expectations and is this credential aligned with that?
  • What are the minimum criteria for maintaining the credential?
  • Is there any other form of support for the certified members?

Let’s take a look at the top international HR certifications:

TMP (Talent Management Practitioner):

Talent Management Practitioner

This is one of the intensive certification program available for people who are trying to break into the field. The TMP is specially created for individuals who are pursuing graduation with a major in HR or relevant subjects. This credential is perfect for landing a great job right after your graduation. TMP can give your resume an extra boost while you’re applying for jobs. The course curriculum teaches you the definitive concepts and perspectives in the field of talent management. The coverage of this course is exceptionally good to prepare for the job in human resources development.

CSP (Certified Staffing Professional):

Certified Staffing Professional

This program has been designed with a special focus on employment and labor law at federal levels. The CSP is a must-have for every staffing professionals or anyone who’s working in the staffing industry. Anyone can gain significant benefit from the knowledge which is obtained through this credential. The exam includes 100 multiple-choice questions and the score is valid for one year after the purchase. It is indeed an essential program which deeply focuses on topics which are of utmost importance to professionals.

STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner):

Senior Talent Management Practitioner

If you’re a mid-career HR professional and looking forward to taking your career to the next level, then this certification is the answer for you. This robust program can help professionals to prepare themselves thoroughly for the complexities of the human resources development. The STMP is a must-have for individuals who are looking to accelerate their career at a rapid pace. It is important to choose a certification which can truly prepare you for the paradigms that are happening in the realm of talent management. Individual who are having a bachelors in business or management or HRM along with seven years of relevant experience are eligible for this program.

What Will You Gain?


  • Several individuals have stated the fact that pursuing such programs motivates them to keep growing and learning. This is essential as it showcases that you’re being a life-long learner. Additionally, it shows that you’re following the best practices in human resources development.
  • Mastery of the core HR framework and principles is the key to have a grasp of this complex business landscape. Earning the certification automatically leverages your career. Now employers know that you have the educational and practical experience of HR.
  • Obtaining the credential isn’t a cakewalk. It is a lot of hard work and it helps you to prepare for the leadership position as well. As a result, you have the respect from your peers because of your skill set and knowledge. This is one of the greatest benefits of pursuing HR certifications.
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