How important a healthy skin is for well-being becomes apparent as soon as skin problems occur? Strong pitching, weeping blisters or unpleasant tensioning can be very clogging for many skins afflicted. It is, therefore, all the more important to care for the skin properly and to provide it with all the necessary nutrients. Only then can she fulfill her task of protecting the body from environmental influences.

It prevents germs from air and water from entering and causing disease. In addition, it regulates body heat by providing perspiration cooling and holding the heat in the body through contraction of the pores.

Nutrition and care as in Japan

Nutrition and care

When the skin seems to be completely healthy, most people tend to neglect skin care. They expose them unprotected to the sun, rain or wind, use cosmetics that the skin does not get, and eat unhealthy food. If the first problems are caused by the loss of skin moisture, repairing skincare is urgently needed.

Most skin problems can be prevented by some prevention, or at least greatly alleviated. The right diet and a selection of best anti-wrinkle skin care products are the best skin care.

Fish and seaweed

Fish and seaweed

The fact that omega-3 fatty acids have a very positive effect on beautiful skin and hair has been known for some time. The acid is found in fish, especially in sea fish, and in green vegetables. This is much less eaten in Germany than, for example, in Japan. The food of the Japanese, however, consists to a large extent of fish. Sea kelp and algae are also often found on the Japanese diet.

Seaweed and algae also have a high content of omega-3 fatty acid and therefore also ensure beautiful, smooth skin. Since it is not always easy in Germany to get good and fresh fish or even seaweed, fish oil or capsules made of seaweed extract can also be used. Fresh fish and fresh seagrass are natural more effective than the industrially produced dietary supplements.

Baths are often used for Japanese skincare. Especially popular are thermal waters that have been used for more than 300 years to treat redness or skin irritation and pimples. These thermal waters are extracted from the steam of healing springs and added to the bath water as crystal powder.

They contain many important minerals for the skin, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. For blemishes, they can also be used as the tonic or as a hair care product. Because they provide the skin with the important minerals, they are suitable for all skin types. Dry Skin gets more moisture; with oily skin, the production of the sebaceous glands is regulated. Stressed and cracked skin is soothed by the Japanese organic skin care, redness and pimples disappear in this way very quickly.

Vitamin C:

vitamin C

The Japanese vouch for Vitamin C in their regular daily existence. Their day by day eating regimen comprises of oranges that deoxidize and separate melanin. This is the mystery behind their reasonable and even appearance. It helps evacuate any pigmentation checks and gives you an even skin tone.

Japanese individuals drink some green tea consistently. This backs off the maturing procedure and keeps the skin energetic and supple. The Japanese are very wellbeing cognizant individuals. They have faith in the integrity of strolls as it fixes the skin.

Using some of these Japanese systems is possible in your day to day life as well. Give them a few weeks to see visible results.

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