The smartphone is getting bigger and bigger, now this technology has come forward with a hand. Nowadays, people make money on transfer from money transfer to sperm transfer. But now this technology has come forward with a hand. LG’s new smartphone launched on Wednesday. The name is LG K7i.

LG K7i

Its most powerful feature will make mosquito nets and turtle incense away from your home. Mosquito Away technology is engaged in this.  The back cover in which the whole game is played. This cover will have a speaker which will create ultrasonic frequency. This is a type of sound that causes mosquitoes and such insects to escape. Some companies do not understand what the phone companies will do to spread greed and what to do. But honestly, Today the phone is coming to mosquitoes so tomorrow and more can come. The paths are a bit off. We also need to, if they come on the phone then.

1. Attached latrine bathroom

Watch Metro network is spread fast all over the country. The problem is that the phone is all in the metro but there is no toilet inside. After all, when people came to know, then where did they go? So make arrangements somewhere on every phone.

2. A small bag

Nowadays it is becoming a public traveler. Phones with good cameras force people to go out and post self-pictures from there. The mood of the roamers has created anywhere. Therefore the phone must be packed in the same bag. If the mood of roaming in the office is not there, then the person does not come home.

3. microwave oven

Most phones have started coming in. You will not see it separately, but if you talk for half an hour continuously or walk the net then the phone gets hot enough. Then you can make an omelet by putting the egg whipped on it. But now mobile companies should also have a Proper Oven.


When our phones are coming in our hands, can not our army work? By law, the phone may also have a radar and rocket launcher, but it will work from now on. If we trigger the rocket launcher from mobile why not we use an AK-47. In that remaining work is put some AK-47 bullets in mobile and trigger it from mobile.

5. Wild Animals Fear in Village

There will be a lot of work for this village. In cities then, the people brought the phone to the mosquito, why are the villagers behind? There a herd of Wild Animals comes and goes back to destroying the farm. Add some nice features to remove them too.

6.  Headache Removal

Now mobile phone came with mosquito kill technology then why not they came with some good health feature. See they give some hardware connect to phone for headache removal like a massager.

7.  Instant Baby Sleeping

This new mobile cover will have a speaker which will create ultrasonic frequency like that create new sound technology for instant Baby Sleeping.

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