Do I need to tell you how technology Stories has made a great difference in our lives?

It has impacted and changed everything including the stories and also the way we tell them.

And today we will talk about these stories.

Your Whatsapp status, your Instagram Story or Your Facebook Feed is always told a story. The story either belongs to you or it comes from the people around you.


What are these stories about?

You are the one who knows the answer to that question.

These stories are about the achievements, love, loss, dreams and about almost everything in the world.

They have the power to inspire young minds, to comfort people and to let them realize they are not alone.

Either you can use it to nourish your life or you can help others fight their demons by letting them know that they are not alone.

Everyone has a beautiful story to tell. You certainly have one.

If you are ready for this new adventure all you need is a smartphone and some courage in your heart and in your lives.

But to do it successfully you must do it the right way.


This article will give you some insights on how to tell a powerful story.

Find a story that has potential to give people hope and help them fight adversity.

Here’s the thing, you will meet two types of people out there.

People who believe they are part of an inspiring story or the people who think their stories do not matter at all.

In the beginning, you can interview your friends, family members, your teachers and even your colleagues.

To ensure that you don’t lose your nerve and chicken out, craft a story beforehand.

Practice it a few times.

But once you practice, there will come a time, a time when you have to get out of your comfort zone.

And for that, you might have to work with the people you have never met in your life.


When it comes to interviewing a complete stranger there are two obvious options for you to consider.

The first one is to visit a celebrity or an entrepreneur who has earned a good name in their respective fields.

And the other options is to simply hit the street and look for the person whose story you would love to listen.

Always remember,

A simple interview with an unknown person can lead you to a story that has the ability to touch thousands of hearts.

But that person might not be aware of how inspiring their story could be, how it would help people out there who have been through the same things.

All they need is a little push and someone to believe in. So, it’s you who have to make them feel comfortable during an interview.

You might be thinking, Why do I need to interview these people? What’s it got to do with telling a powerful story?

You will find your answer soon just keep reading this article.

The Purpose of your story

What’s the purpose of your interview? What are the things that make these people so different that makes you want to tell their story?

When you are listening to their stories, you find out how about their hardships, their dreams, and also about their fears.

They tell you about the trials they face just to go through with each day. They talk about their regrets, about the mistakes made and the experiences they went through to become the person they were today.

They also share about how they defeated the helplessness that gripped them and emerged a victor with the trophy of happiness at their side.

All of these past experiences, good or bad can help thousands of people who are still waiting to see a light shining to lead them out of woods they have been lost in.

That’s the purpose of your story or the interview.

What if some people do not allow their emotions and fears to come out? What if they hesitate to tell or doubt their story?

When their story could heal people?

This is when it becomes your responsibility, your responsibility to help them tell the tale.

This is where you play an important role.

You have to help them realize the potential they have. So, they can take a step further and think about how much good their story could do.

Talk about their habits, their relationships and make them realize that they can change their stories anytime they want and create a meaningful life for themselves.

The art of storytelling matters

Now you know how to discover and create a story.

But how will you spread the word? How will your story convey the message to your audience?

You have to learn the art of storytelling.

That’s the only way to ensure that your story reaches your audience’s hearts and leaves them with a positive memory.

The art of Storytelling comprises following attributes:

  • Your ability to communicate in an engaging way.
  • Your story must inspire your audience to take action.
  • Make people imagine the words.
  • To connect with your audience emotionally.
  • Practicing the story till you master it.

Choose the platform you love most

It is up to you how you want to share your story.

You can tell it person to person or you can participate in any event of storytellers.

You always have an option to take the help of technology.

You can make a video and upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

Or you can start a blog of your own and start publishing these stories there.

What tool you choose is your own choice.

But there is a code of storytellers you need to know.

Our core objective is not to do it for money or fame but to spread the importance of sharing our stories so we can connect and grow together.

Because there are thousands of people living the same stories, fighting same adversity. So, It won’t just be your words that will reach them, it will be your strength, your willpower, and hopes that reach their hearts as well.

As you know we have limited time but still, we want to be here longer. And that’s the most beautiful thing about stories they live longer than us.

These stories talk about love, generosity, wisdom and so much more. So, why don’t we come together and share our stories with each other? It will help us show the compassion that we have always felt.

Every single life matters and so does every story.


“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman

At the end of this article, I need a promise from you here.

When you go out and see a story, you just don’t let it die there.

As it has the ability to change not only your life but also many others.

Share this article with your friends as well so they can also discover the power of the stories around them.

Best of Luck!

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