A monitor is one of the essential parts of a computer system because it is the output device that displays computer information. Any monitor can be used for practical viewing purposes, but not every monitor is recommended for computer gaming.

If you love playing games on your PC, then you need a dedicated monitor for gaming purposes so you won’t experience lag, poor display quality, and eye strain. Read on, as this article will discuss why you should get a gaming monitor for the best gaming experience.

Similarly, not every mouse is suitable for gaming and you’d definitely need a good one; like a high dpi gaming mouse if you want to play hours on end without technical disruption.

Prevent Digital Eye Strain

The American Optometric Association has a term for a group of symptoms arising from prolonged viewing of digital screens – the aptly-termed computer vision syndrome. Symptoms range from eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headache, neck, and shoulder pain.

Playing computer games is an enjoyable activity to do that may last for several hours, which increases the risk of developing digital eye strain. Using a generic computer monitor is not advisable because it does not have the underlying technology to prevent digital Computer Vision Syndrome.

Some gaming monitors contain blue light filter technology as well as anti-radiation filters that prevent or reduce the chances of causing Digital Eye Strain. Using a gaming monitor not only provides a smooth gaming experience, but it’s also a great healthy choice.

gaming graphics

Better Display Quality

Gaming graphics play a huge role in the gaming experience because it makes it more immersive. Game producers make sure that they create computer games that have the appropriate color grading and details that mimic reality. Unfortunately, you won’t fully appreciate gaming graphics if you use a generic computer monitor because the majority of them use low-definition technology.

A majority of gaming monitors have bigger screens such as 19 inches, 22 inches, and even 27 inches. Because of the more prominent display, gaming monitors can pack-up more pixels leading to higher resolutions such as 4K. Using gaming monitors leads to a more top definition of better display quality.

Display Lag and Tearing 

One of the most common problems encountered by gamers who use generic monitors is display lag. Display lag, also referred to as input lag, happens when the user clicks a mouse button or a keyboard key, and there is an action delay on the computer screen. This is a disadvantage, especially if you are playing fast-paced games where every step and second count.

Display tearing is another common problem encountered by gamers wherein the monitor displays asymmetric graphics and sliced picture frames. Display tearing occurs when the refresh rate of a monitor is unsynchronized with the video feed of the computer.

Display lag and tearing are rarely encountered by gamers who use gaming monitors. This is because gaming monitors have exceptional refresh rates that result in smoother graphics and better technology to prevent input lag from happening.

Being a gamer and using a generic computer monitor puts you at a significant disadvantage because of the old technology found in it. You are also risking your health by using generic monitors that do not have the appropriate technology to prevent eye-related disorders.

Get yourself a gaming monitor from a reliable and trusted seller and start having the best gaming experience you’ve ever had.

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