eLearning provides access to unlimited information at any given time, getting information via online classes has been growing since the last few years, according to some research, it is worth around $165 billion USD in 2015, and it is predicted to rise to around $240 billion by 2023.

It is easy to learn on-the-go nowadays, phones are becoming more powerful and this is causing the exponential growth popularity of smartphones.

This is a huge advantage in getting quality online education compared to the type of education that was offered to the previous generation, who were subject to the strict entry requirements and had to physically go to a classroom to have access to a teacher.

Schools and universities are diversifying their resources through online courses and activities. Schools now make their eLearning platform to be mobile compatible so that they can get more people using the platform. Growth and innovation have led to industries seeing the usefulness and importance of eLearning and mobile learning with 67 percent of organizations offering eLearning opportunities.

Before I delve into the hottest eLearning trends of the year. I must discuss the advantages of eLearning and the reason schools and industries are jumping the bus because they don’t want to be left out.

Advantages of eLearning

Advantages of eLearning

eLearning is rapidly catching up with the traditional mode of learning, mainly because it’s cheaper. The cost of traditional education is a subject that analysts have been debating for years. eLearning may be a bit less expensive, but you will still likely need to consider private loans for students.

Apart from the fact that eLearning is a way cheaper option that enables schools to influence an unlimited number of students with no restrictions on geography. eLearning can supply the students with a more personalized experience than any traditional education program. If you teach kids online, students can select a wider range of subjects and modules while teachers and students can speak 1-1 via email or messaging at any time.

As eLearning keeps growing every year due to the reason that more people keep having access to the internet and connected devices. Here is an extensive list of the eLearning trends of 2018.



Gamification is not a new thing, but it keeps trending because of the wide-range acceptance it gets. Gamification is an excellent way to get students interested in learning. A few years ago, we tried to convince organizations to let us incorporate gaming elements into eLearning, but today it’s a different story altogether.

Gamification tools are increasing in number and improving in ease of use, enabling greater utilization in live and virtual classroom settings. You can play around with the random number variable (and this trend) using this free gamified quiz download.



Traditional classrooms are known to be about longer lectures, but the best way to learn is by taking small amounts of information at a time. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. A study shows that people can only focus on something for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Microlearning gives small, bite-sized lessons ranging from 1 minutes to 20 minutes, this takes the full advantage of what learners should absorb and when they feel most motivated to concentrate. This trending method can lead to better results in the long run, which is important to you the instructor and the students. To apply micro learning, you should consider using short videos, visual, presentations for 2 to 3 minutes sessions that are followed by instant feedbacks and quizzes.

AR/VR Technology


The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is in high demand. Virtual reality creates a simulated immersive environment, you don’t have to imagine those abstract ideas, it is always better when you feel as if you are inside, immersed in the lecture.

On the other hand, augmented reality blends computer generated information with viewer’s natural sense. Demand is growing for AR-embedded mobile apps in the education industry and it’s cheaper to develop AR/VR Technology that can be used on any device.



Webinars are another good idea that’s been around for a while. What’s new is how organizations are utilizing them. Webinars are among the best marketing tools for businesses.

Though that’s not the only way of using them, rather than building a lengthy semester-long course or one-off refresher, some educators create webinars for various students in an attempt to deliver deep knowledge in an easy way where students can ask questions, solve problems and engage in social activities. Webinars are likely to get your students thinking in ways they never have before. If you haven’t tried webinars yet – we suggest you stop wasting time and get on it.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

With several people using smartphones these days and these numbers keep growing, educators are now making sure that their modules can be accessed on the mobile phone. Mobile phones increase the flexibility and accessibility and students can make use of the wasted-time during routine activities.

eLearning has risen steadily over past decade. This year promises to unleash new concepts and improved on the previous trends. Businesses should take advantage of these developments to ensure growth and consistency.


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