Make your life easy and enjoyable with the use of online tools. The online tools have been made to facilitate the persons’ academic and professional life. The main aim of using these fantastic tools is to save money, time, and effort. This spared time, money, and energy can be used in any other best possible work, which enhances the productivity and quality of the work.

The plagiarism checker tool free is only one of the examples of these online tools. The plagiarism software is undoubtedly a superb tool that works and provides results in just a few seconds. This task cannot be done manually. The plagiarism checker tool keeps a massive database in their back from which they find similarity checks with the content. Plagiarism test is very beneficial in maintaining the merit in every field. Plagiarism check prevents the stealing of someone’s rights due to the one’s greed and selfishness.

Plagiarism checker free tool by SmallSEOtools:

SmallSEOtools is a worldwide used website for its multiple devices regarding search engine optimization. The plagiarism checker tool is also a search engine optimization tool. You can copy-paste your content, whether it is academic content, term paper, official document, journal content, blog, or anything without any fear. The plagiarism checker tool will provide you with reliable and accurate results by comparing the content with the millions of web data pages.

You do not worry about any leaking of the content as SmallSEOtools is a 100 % site to use. It is a trustworthy site to use. The main goal of the SmallSEOtools is to satisfy its users and maintain trust. You can compare your newsletter stuff, social media content, or any other content as originality is required in all fields so that content must be unique and fresh.

Advance technology:

Plagiarism checker free tool by SmallSEOtools is highly efficient and appropriate for its working. SmallSEOtools owns a team of educated and experienced people who are skilled in their profession. These talented people provide the outcome with fantastic speed. The work is not done superficially, but the work is done on every detail to give the result of the bet.

online plagiarism checker tool

The working speed of SmallSEOtools is undoubtedly high. If you enter the content of a thousand words approximately, then it will take only 0.83 seconds to process the whole work.

Marvelous features of SmallSEOtools:

The p plagiarism checker free of SmallSEOtools is not an ordinary tool. It comprises of the unusual features that make it a great choice to select for plagiarism detection. There is a rule if the pros are more than the cons, then you must take that tool. When you compare this ratio of pros and cons of SmallSEOtools, you will get that the advantages of this software are much higher than the other software.

Following are the few marvelous features of SmallSEOtools, have a look at it, it will help you make decisions for the selection of plagiarism checker free tool.

Privacy maintenance:

Whenever a user has to enter his data in any tool, he must be interested and nervous about the privacy of the content. SmallSEOtools have made all of its devices by keeping this point in mind. When you enter your data in it, after providing the outcome, it automatically deletes the file from the software. So there is no chance of any leakage or misuse. Feel free to use this tool as it does not mean to harm you in any way.


If a plagiarism checker free tool does not provide the complete plagiarism, then it will cause serious harm later on. Your work will get rejected, and your reputation will be damaged, you may have to quit your job. SmallSEOtools have a massive database by which it detects 100 % plagiarism of all kinds appropriately.

The moment when you enter the data, it starts the process of comparing it with the web data at the same moment with fantastic speed and accuracy.

Automatic paraphrasing:

If you are a beginner or does not have great skill in writing, then there is a solution for you in SmallSEOtools. Once you have checked the plagiarism from plagiarism checker free, you can get it to rewrite from the paraphrasing tool. If any plagiarism is detected in your content, just put that data in the paraphrasing tool, and you will get spun data that will show 100 % originality when you again put it in a plagiarism checker free tool.

Offers multiple input varieties:

If you have a file in txt format, you can enter the data in SmallSEOtools. If you have a record in Odt, Docx, pdf or in another form, you can still upload the file. You do not have to convert the data in any other format as it supports many file formats for the user’s convenience and time-saving.

Report generation:

SmallSEOtools not only goes through the file and provide you with the plagiarism percentage, but it also generates a report. In this report, the plagiarism percentage and the source are mentioned. You can save that and keep it as proof, too.

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