Entrepreneurs around the world understand the importance of good online marketing; we are living in a digital world, of that there is no doubt and every organisation needs a strong digital footprint. The mysterious world of digital marketing can seem a little daunting to a newbie and with that in mind, we offer some important information on the various services offered by a leading digital marketing agency.

Creating a strong online profile

online profile

This should be a primary goal of every new business and the best way to achieve this is to make contact with an award-winning digital marketing agency such as King Kong, a talented team of experts who love challenges. If you connect with such an agency at the very outset, they can put together a dynamic online marketing campaign that focuses on branding and reaching your target groups.

The power of social media

social media

In terms of marketing, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) offer unlimited potential. The first thing to do is create accounts with all the top social media providers; start business pages and build up your profile, making best use of the powerful marketing tools at your disposal. If you enlist the services of a top SEO agency, they have in-house teams of social media marketers who work tirelessly to generate a large social media following. Facebook marketing campaigns should be managed by a leading SEO agency, with branding as the main focus.

Optimize your website for Google searches

Google searches

Google is the undeniable king of the Internet, of that there is no doubt; their search engine is widely used by the online consumer to source products and services. Search engine optimization is a service that focuses on boosting a website’s rankings within specific search terms. Let’s look at an example; John runs a roofing company in Perth and when the keywords ‘roofing companies, Perth’ are typed into Google’s search window, John’s website is on page 14. This will not lead to any traffic coming from Google searches, as most people find what they want within the first 10 search results, or Page 1. After 3 months of SEO work, John’s site is now on page 1 and he receives a high volume of enquiries from Perth homeowners who need work done on their roof.

Pay-per-click advertising

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC is relatively new and as the name implies, the advertiser pays an agreed sum of money per click their banner receives and real-time bidding occurs when advertisers bid for prime space, which might be next to the top Google searches. For the best results, hire an SEO agency to create and manage PPC campaigns and enjoy the best ROI. If you would like to explore the potential that PPC offers, talk to a top-rated UAE digital marketing agency that specialises in PPC campaigns. They can show you some of the campaigns they created for clients, with recorded data performance that shows clearly the traffic generated.



Every new business venture needs to have an identity and a top-rated branding agency is more than capable of helping you to create the right identity that customers will identify with. Things such as logo, text fonts, colour and shape are all visual aspects of a brand and with some professional help, you can create a strong brand that your community knows and trusts.

The power of video

power of video

You can make effective use of video content; why not create a short video that introduces you and your team, much like an overview of your organisation, complete with values and mission statements? This personalises your enterprise and people like to make personal connections. When you have a new product, you can present it with rich 4K video that can be posted on many digital platforms. Animation is a powerful medium and using AI, you can create stunning animations that are both functional and visually appealing.

Free digital audit

Digital marketing agencies work to a system; when a client makes contact, their team do some online research to determine the level of their online profile. This data forms the basis of a digital marketing plan, which is designed specifically for that organisation. Once they have gathered this research, they are ready for an initial Zoom chat to discuss options.

Real-time data analysis

A leading UAE marketing agency uses state-of-the-art analysis software to make data-driven decisions in real time. A team of online marketers can actually analyse web traffic in real time, which enables them to make changes to campaigns while they are still running. Knowing how an advertising campaign is going while it is still running is invaluable, and that can be the difference between an average campaign and an outstanding one.

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