According to the Pew Research Center statistics, in the United States, more than 70% of people use Facebook, 59% of people use Instagram, 22% people use LinkedIn, 27% use Pinterest, and 38% use Twitter. That’s every single day.  All these stats make it clear that there is a large potential for online marketers.

Among all these social media networks, Facebook has appeared as one of the best and most influential platforms for both B2C and B2B businesses.  Reports show that in the past few years, Facebook has dropped the reach for organic posts, in the pursuit of getting more and more revenue from paid advertising. And you too can use ads on Facebook to get amazing results for your business.

However, to make a Facebook ad effective, you need to bring a few things together. This includes the right targeting, compelling copy, and an eye-catching video or image. It’s important that you think from your user’s viewpoint. That is, mapping out their journey and understanding how you can help convert the audience to a potential buyer.

Why Do Facebook Ads Work So Well?

Let’s get one thing straight. Unfortunately, placing an advertisement into the vacuum does not automatically produce a lot of conversions. You need to be able to understand many factors. One of these is targeting.

This targeting process facilitates you to get particular about which audiences your ads reach. Are they male? Are they female? What age range are they? What interests do they have? It all depends on the product or service that you offer. For instance, if you sell garden hoses, then your ad can reach individuals who are interested in gardening and home improvement. If you sell software services tools, then you can target individuals interested in web tools.

Below you can see some significant targeting options that can help you to understand your potential audience in more detail:

  • Location: Facebook ads allow you to target the audience by location, including country, state, and city
  • Custom Audiences: This allows you to target current leads or audiences that have previously shown an interest in your business (for example, they’ve visited your website)
  • Gender: This allows you to target male or female gender
  • Interests: Facebook allows you to target your audience by interests like entrepreneurship, fitness, literature, fashion
  • Connections: It allows you to aim at individuals who liked your page or who have connections with people who have liked your page
  • Behavior: Facebook ads facilitate you to aim at the visitors’ past behaviors

There are many types of Facebook Ads that you can use. The most important 2 includes:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • The Right-Hand Column Ad

Facebook Ads

Sponsored Posts:

The Sponsored posts are visible directly in the Facebook Newsfeed. Here, users can see the scrolling ads, and they look similar to posts from a close friend.

The Right-Hand Column Ad:

This ad is visible in the right column of the Facebook feed. Right-hand column ads are smaller than sponsored ads and the ads do not scroll in the News Feed like sponsored posts. Online marketers frequently use right-hand column ads.

When you are spending money on a Facebook ad, then you must ensure that it works in the long term.

Write Different Facebook Ads for Different Individuals:

This method can help you to engage different individuals who visit your website for different things. So, to keep them engaged with your products, it is a good idea to write different Facebook ads for different individuals.

For instance, if you are a clothing store and sell women’s and men’s apparel, and also other accessories like activewear, shoes, undergarments, and body products. Some customers are interested in some items and others are interested in clothing or beauty products. Check the interest of the individuals and provide Facebook ads accordingly.


You must choose the right ad goal before placing a Facebook ad. You should know the most significant outcome that you want from this ad. It could be downloads of your app, sales on your website, or increased brand awareness. Once you know this, select your audience based on location, age, demographics, behavior, and interests that best denote your customers.

Once you select your audience, the next step is to select where you need to run your advertisement and provide the creatives and copy. If you do all of the above effectively, Facebook ads can help you to achieve your business goals.

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