It is an unfortunate fact that a lot of students do not have any idea of plagiarism and the negative effects it has. As a result, they submit copied content, even the SOPs & admission essays, and this creates immense problems for their admission and grades. In academic assignments, the only thing which makes a difference is the grade. No one would drill down to the details and find out why a low grade was awarded. Why do so many students end up submitting copied content? Some of them intentionally copy content from online sources so that they do not have to develop anything from the start. In other cases, the submission of plagiarized content is an unintentional move. Whether content is submitted intentionally or unintentionally, the same ramifications are faced by the student.

Understanding plagiarism and its details

In a simple manner, plagiarism is copying content which has been written actually by another author. Academic institutions have very strict regulations for plagiarism and strict actions are taken against students who do not abide by them. Even if you have submitted content in an intentional manner, the same penalties would be applied to you. Thus, it is important to understand plagiarism, its forms and ways to avoid it.

A simple definition of plagiarism

In simple terms, plagiarism is the act of copying content from any online or offline source without rephrasing properly. There is nothing bad or negative about using a website, journal, book or gazette to gather information but there are some principles involved. Copying content is a strict violation of these principles. Hence, even if you think that a website or book has content that matches your needs, do not copy it. Instead, rephrase it so that the actual author can get his due credit.

  • For academic assignments, providing relevant citations is a key task through which the credibility of the source is confirmed. However, this is not enough to check the content for plagiarism. For this purpose, proper software is needed to check each line for copied content.

Use of Plagiarism checker software

Choosing software is a decision which requires thinking. People are only willing to use software if it adds value in one way or the other.  In case of a plagiarism checker free software, to check plagiarism for assignments, students benefit in a lot of ways. Following are a few of uses and advantages for online plagiarism checker:


1. Assignments checked in lesser time

Academic assignments are lengthy in terms of word count. A simple fact is that if you want to proofread them manually, you would have to read through each line and this would obviously require long hours. The timelines of academic assignments are tight and students have to work day in and day out to complete it. Checking the paper manually simply means that the student would have to read each chapter after all of them have been written and the assignment has been compiled.

  • A plagiarism checker is quality software which checks the most detailed and comprehensive assignments in a few minutes instead of a few hours. From the student’s perspective, this is a big sigh of relief. This is because he can comfortably focus on the writing tasks without worrying about whether the plagiarism checking would be done properly or not. When you are using a plagiarism checker application, no manual proofreading is needed. Simply scan the written content with one of these applications and each copied sentence would be highlighted. Students can save the time which they were using to check the written content.

2. Complete assurance of content uniqueness and originality

It is not that simple to produce scratch written content. If you read through each line manually, you can always skip a few lines as the human angle has to be taken into consideration. If you consider this fact, manual proofreading is a big risk as you can always skip a chunk of copied text. Even one line of copied text can get your entire assignment rejected. Hence do not take any chances when you are checking content for plagiarism. Use a reliable plagiarism checker so that the submitting content is nothing less than 100% original.

  • When you are working on an academic assignment, several sources are used including websites, portals, and journals. Once the content has been compiled, it becomes quite hard to check the written content for plagiarism by comparing with each actual source. A plagiarism checker provides an easy solution to this problem. Once you are done with the writing work, scan the written content through plagiarism checking application for copied content. In this way, you would know whether your content is completely unique or something copied has been included. This is the best way to check content uniqueness. With a plagiarism checker application, you can obviously be relaxed that nothing copied is being submitted.

3. Take your rephrasing skills to a higher level

When you use plagiarism checker software and scan the content of your assignment, all copied sections will be highlighted. The next step is that the student would have to rephrase all such sections and scan the content again until no sections are being shown as copied. Rephrasing the content time and again obviously has a positive impact on the related skills of the student. When he has to rephrase the written information multiple times, his paraphrasing skills improve by a major margin.

Plagiarism checking applications problem solvers

When a human being has to perform a particular task, a room for error is always there. Even the most intelligent students make mistakes when they are checking the content for plagiarism issues. In such cases, there is no room for error and students have to be absolutely sure that not even a single line is copied.

  • A plagiarism checker tool is a technological application so no human angle has to be taken into account. Once the application has read through the written content, copied content issues (if any) would be highlighted. As a result, students can simply write the content and use the application without any manual proofreading task.
  • Getting a high score in an academic assignment involves completing various necessary requirements. You need to conduct in-depth research, collect information from different sources, rephrase the content and then make a submission. Before all these tasks, you need to pay attention to the originality of written information. Academic institutions adopt very strictly polices to check content uniqueness.

Complicated assignments are checked within no time

At the college or university level, a lot of assignments require immense hard work. Considering that these submissions have strict submission dates, time matters a lot for students. At times, even intelligent students do not get the time to check the assignment before they submit it. Submitting the assignment without proper checking is a risk as the complete paper would be rejected even if there are slight traces of plagiarism.

grammer checker

  • Proofreading, via a grammar checker, is one of the many tasks performed while working on an assignment. You need to start with topic research, resource selection and then move on to content compilation and other tasks. A proper plagiarism checker shows whether you have rephrased the content in a proper manner or not. These applications act like warning signs before the submission of the assignment. In other words, you would be able to remove plagiarism from your advisor awards you with a low grade. This is when you have no turning back. Hence, make sure that you have used a proper plagiarism checker prior to submission.


Dealing with plagiarism is not an easy task after all. You can only submit original content if the right precautions have been taken. Not using a plagiarism checker is obviously a big risk. Reputed institutions do not provide any room in this relation. Even if a slight percentage of content written has been copied, students have to face the same penalties.

It is the digital age these days and things are becoming technology dominated with the passage of time. Considering this aspect, using a plagiarism checker helps in saving time as well as improves the level of efficiency. You do not need to spend precious time reading through each line. It is much easier to use a software application and get the content checked in a better manner.

Academic assignments are generally lengthy and why do you need to take the burden of proofreading on your head when a more convenient option is available. The best way is to get the writing work done and then use plagiarism checking the application for checking purposes. In most cases, students are working on more than one assignment at a time with conflicting deadlines. In such situations, checking each of them for plagiarism is an impossible task.  Other than that, when you talk about checking an assignment for plagiarism, taking a risk is nothing but foolishness.

These applications are 100% efficient and you cannot expect content pieces or sections to be overlooked. This obviously can happen if you are checking the content manually. In a nutshell, using a plagiarism checker is an optimized option as it helps in saving both time and energy.

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