Choti Sardarni is a drama series produced by Cockcrow Productions and Shaika Films and is set in a Punjabi scenario. The show stars NimritKaurAhluwalia as the leading role for the character of Meher, although AvineshRekhi stars as Meher’s husband, Sarabjeet.

The story focuses on Meher and her struggle to find a way to stand up for her illegitimate child when her lover Manav is allegedly murdered by her mother, KulwantKaur, a dominating and politically ambitious woman.

ChotiSardarni: Sarab will take this big decision for Meher’s child

A touching the issue of empowerment of women, the show sees Meher trying to rise to various challenges in her by her mother and destiny she is married to Sarabjeet, a well-connected Sikhs, after the untimely death of Manav.

Watch chotisardarni colors to find out if Meher can keep her child and her step-child or if she will succumb to the pressure and lose everything dear to her. Streaming ChotiSarrdaarni on colors to see the extensively much-admired and loved by viewers show.

‘ChotiSardarni’: What new twist in their lives?

Param’s condition deteriorated in TV serial ChhotiSardarni. Mehar-Sarabjeet has brought Param to the hospital, where Param is unconscious. Both are very upset to see this. Sarabjit is shocked when the doctor asked to perform Param’s operation because Donner has left the hospital without being told.

Harleen’s growing hatred for Meher

In the serial ChotiSardarni, Harleen is not taking the name of meher and anger for Sarab. At the same time, Harleen’s irritation with Parham being excluded from school has turned into hatred. Let us tell you what will happen next on the show, and even you can keep watching chotisardarni serial timing at 7:30 pm.

In Wednesday’s episode, you saw that Sarab takes Meher to get a hospital checkup, but Meher is silent when the nurse asks him the name of the child’s father. But Sarab tells the nurse here that he is the father of the child. Hearing this, Meher becomes emotional. On the occasion of Christmas, while Meher makes Parham happy, UV and Param’s removal from school also ends the problem.


Mehar will bring happiness on the face of this festival, what will Harleen do?

In the last episode, you saw that Sarab asks to add the name of Meher’s child along with Param to the property, which makes Harleen angry. Meher, on the other hand, tells Sarab that he has no need to property the name of the child to come, but Sarab does not agree to Meher.

Is Param to die in Colors’ Choti Sardarni?

New twists are coming in Colors’ show ChhotiSardarni these days, which fans are very fond of. Mehr and Sarab’s life has now taken a new turn.

Yes, SarabMeher’s blood has been acquitted. Meher is also way back home, but now more exciting twists are coming in the show. Let’s tell you what will happen in today’s episode.

ChotiSardarni latest news has some high voltage drama, which will make the audience tense about Param’s health.

Param is not good, and there are high chances that his condition critical. Now, in the coming episodes, Param picnic stops and take care of him, Meher and Sarab will disguise as wild and accompany him. They will be seen everyone entertained.

It also mentions that all children will have a gala time as Meher and Sarab make everyone enjoy snacks and play games. Param is also going to be very happy, but in the middle of this, Param will happen to disappear.

When Meher and Sarab to realize that is nothing to do, they will go looking for him only to realize that it has fallen unconscious. After this, the two will take you quickly to a hospital where he was declared critical.

Will Sarab go on hunting for a donor again?

Now, finally, Sarab finds a liver donor for Param and just as giving all things are ordered, for some personal reasons, behind. On learning this, Sarab pursues the donor and declare to him; however, nothing will work. Meher will eventually break down.

Now it has to be seen who Meher chooses. Let’s know what the last sign of a human being in his stomach or Sarab and Param is? Now it remains to be seen whether Param will be able to fulfill his promise, or will he open this secret in front of Harleen and DauliMasi?

What if these secrets would be known to the family members? Keep watching ‘ChhotiSardarni,’ Monday to Saturday, at 7:30 pm, only on Colors.

Tell us what you think of this situation? Are you excited to see what new dramas are going to show up in the coming days?

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