If your daily schedule is packed with business obligations, clearly defined routines that bookend your day play a crucial role in keeping you balanced. A hectic lifestyle of a successful woman brings its own challenges, and they mostly come down to the balancing act between private and business life.

Successful Women

If you are on a constant lookout for new ways to improve your lifestyle and efficiency, read on for five tips from very busy successful women on how to start and end your day.

1. Keep to your bed-schedule no matter what


You can always turn to shining examples, but my favorite one is definitely Anna Wintour – as the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine for over three decades, she is the powerhouse that shows no signs of stopping – and the key thing that keeps her so disciplined and fresh is the fact that she keeps to her bed-schedule no matter what. No matter how packed her daily schedule is, she is always at home at a fixed time – no later than 10:30 PM. Anna wakes up every morning at 5 AM, and she is up and running before you know it. The most important lesson you can take out of it is discipline and dedication – when you keep to the schedule, your biorhythm will adapt to it and waking up at a specific time will become effortless.

2. Exercise in the morning

Exercise in the morning

Successful women come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ll notice most of them are very fit, and cut above average when it comes to physical strength. This is not an accidental correlation by any means – every successful woman understands the importance of exercise. If you get into the habit of getting up early enough, you can even kick off your day with a gym workout, morning yoga, or several rounds of your favourite sport. This will get your blood pumping and you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way throughout the day. Trust me, morning exercise is better than coffee.

3. Healthy breakfast is everything

Healthy breakfast

When you reach a certain age, you realize your parents were right about most things. It’s nigh inescapable. Well, you know the old saying you’ve heard from your mother a thousand times – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This, of course, counts if the breakfast you are eating has the right nutritious value. Keep your breakfast protein-rich, and avoid carbs as much as you can. Starch is addictive, and it will keep broadening your appetite. Not only that, but it will also keep you on low energy, which is the last thing you need in the morning. If you are into making smoothies, you can look up to Jennifer Aniston, who starts off her day with a protein shake. Recent research indicates that 80% of our immune system is in our gut and that the balance or imbalance of our gut flora affects our organs and our brain. Therefore, start consuming food rich in antioxidants and start taking a probiotic powder that will balance your gut, detoxify your system and restore your vitality.

4. Stop looking at screens two hours before bed

Stop looking at screens two hours before bed

Monitors and tablet screens have become integral parts of our lives, not to mention businesses. In fact, you will do at least 40% of your business management on your cell phone, but the light from the screens also tires your eyes. The science has also shown that looking at screens induces stress and messes with your melatonin, which means you should probably lay down your phone at least two hours before bed. Films and TV shows can be fun, and they are a good distraction from daily woes. Unfortunately, you are still looking at the screen as you are apparently having “relaxing” fun, which means you’ll go to sleep with an illusion that you’ve loosened up while your body will still be in low “panic” mode. That two-hour window before the last glance at the screen and hitting the pillow is truly crucial for your inner balance. Instead, play some relaxing music, do a bit of meditation or read an exciting book. These activities will surely put you in the right place before you lose yourself in dreams.

5. Do a thorough overview of the plans for the next day

overview of the plans for the next day

The key to an efficient business life with the least exposure to stress is good planning, plain and simple. Here’s what you can do to make your following day more manageable – put on some music and sit in front of your work desk to do a thorough overview of the plans for the next day. Chances are, most of your day will already be planned out, but you might find a crucial minute to relax here or there or find enough breathing space to check off a task that has been bugging you for some time. This way, you will definitely maximize your daily potential and be ready to tackle unpredictable circumstances.

Waking up in the morning with a gut-punching feeling of panic is not a good way to lead a busy life. In fact, every successful woman will tell you this is not sustainable, and it is only a matter of time before your life begins to crack. This is why it is important to incorporate crucial morning and evening routines into your life and stick to them.

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