Whether we want to fit into our favorite pair of jeans or want to slay our favorite bikini at the beach, we have to work for it. With winters stepping its foot right around the corner, the cold weather calls for hot chocolates, favorite snacks, hot pizza, and a lot of laziness. The cold nights and days of winters make us lazy and affect our appetite and eating habits. Women often eat less than their daily requirements and face a lot of health issues. On the other hand, males have a good appetite and consume more food than women.

The food we consume or the routines we follow impact our health and wellbeing significantly. Our busy routines and having lunch or breakfast in a rush have altered our eating habits. We eat more junk than healthy food that can be harmful in the longer run. Our taste buds have become addicted to junk and heavy meals that we savor for a short while and, in return, pile up some extra layers of fat. The fat is the visible result of our food choice, but it also alters our body functions. We never know when our doctor advises us to cut down on oil, junk food, and switch to vegetables.

Health is indeed a priceless wealth, yet we see many people visiting hospitals to maintain their health or fix their ailments. The doctors and nurses are there to diagnose what is wrong with us, and the first question they ask is always about our food or eating pattern. Besides medicines, our doctor asks us to change our food choices. The nurses at the hospital interact more with patients and guide them about their health. Nowadays, nurses are well-equipped with handling major patient issues, and it shows their real importance. Many studies highlight the importance of continuing education for nurses to help them excel in their field, assisting patients in recovering and maintaining good health.

Are you looking for some miracle to regain your health while thining down the medicines? These five expert tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help us reduce our piles of medicine and live longer.

Healthy Tips


1. Eat more greens

Our bodies function in a particular way, and it is incredibly complex. The food we eat does not have all the nutrients necessary for our body. Suppose we consume meat to fill our tummies and savor the taste, thinking it will suffice our body’s protein requirement. In that case, it will soon increase uric acid. The increased uric acid content in our body can lead to gouty arthritis. We all know that maintaining a balanced diet is vital. A balanced diet encompasses all the nutrients in portions, both macro and micro. The Macronutrients involve carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, the micronutrients include minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients essential to keep our bodies healthy. Including staple foods like maize, wheat with a mix of vegetables and fruits can help you with a balanced diet.

2. Cut back salt

Imagine you are sitting at your favorite restaurant, and the food that you order lacks salt. You will never eat food that tastes bland and ask the person to add salt to the food. Our taste buds have gotten used to particular tastes that we like in our foods. Many of us ask for extra ketchup or spice when ordering our favorite food. Salt enhances the food’s flavor, but consuming too much may increase blood pressure and cause cardiovascular diseases. Even if we are not using much salt in the food we cook, we should not forget that the processed food we eat has salt in high amounts. We are not asking you to start eating tasteless and bland food but slowly reduce your salt intake. Cutting down on salt will keep your blood pressure in control and is also beneficial for your kidneys. Taking too much salt in food retains the water content in our body that affects the kidneys and may cause kidney issues.

3. Avoid too much sugar

Excessive sugar is bad for our health, and it causes weight gain and obesity. Obesity is one of the primary causes for the development of many chronic diseases. When we buy processed food or sweets, we tend to see the ingredients it has, but all processed food has some hidden sugar. Your favorite can of soda can have ten more teaspoons of sugar. Instead of picking up chocolate to curb your craving, you can replace it with a fruit that is not only healthy but can also suffice the sugar craving. Fruits contain natural sugars and a lot of fibers that are beneficial for our digestion.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Healthy Tips

Water is an essential element for our body. Our body has 97% of the water content that is necessary for our organs. Every cellular function in our body happens at fluid levels. Drinking enough water enhances our body functions, keeps our kidneys healthy. Our kidneys function to remove toxins from our body, and it requires water to get the job done. Healthy cells extract water from the food to work. In dehydration, the cellular functions get slowed by 2 percent, and the energy levels drop by one-fifth.

5. Get enough sleep

There is no fixed answer to how much sleep is enough sleep. Sleep helps our body restore, recharge, and heal itself. We spend our days working, which involves physical and mental exertion. If we do not focus on our sleep, it will alter our cognitive functions, reduce focus, and affect our mood. Getting adequate sleep is essential to recharge the body and maintain health. People who do not get sufficient sleep are more prone to catch diseases as sleep alters our immune system.

If you’re struggling with persistent sleep deprivation and breathing problems during slumber, you may be suffering from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. A medical professional can help assess your symptoms better and prescribe the right course of treatment. For instance, people struggling with obstructive sleep apnea often get treated with CPAP therapy, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure. Sleep specialists often recommend using a CPAP machine that opens the airways by providing a steady stream of pressurized air to normalize your breathing during sleep. Once you treat the root cause of your sleep problem, your quality of sleep should improve over time.


Health is a priceless gift that we have. None of us will be happy if we spend most of our days at the hospital and miss the activities and fun with our friends and family. Health is a vital part of our life that keeps it running. Taking small steps to keep ourselves healthy can benefit us in the longer run. Playing indoor games or exercising is an effective way to keep our body healthy and improve our brain functions.

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