To improve your possibilities of success on an e-commerce project, there are several key factors to consider:

The appearance of the site, its ergonomics, and its features. This is an essential parameter in the conversion rate: the site must inspire confidence and be functional. The partners and subcontractors are essential, including the agency in charge of the design and maintenance of the site, and the companies that ensure the delivery of your products. The planned action plan for visibility and communication. If you fail to attract targeted traffic, the online store generates no sales, so no turnover.

The logistics, the chain must be operational at the launch of the site, the order to delivery. A test phase is preferable to ensure its proper operation. Inventory management must be active. Supplies must be consistent with the flow rates of each product and the seasonal peaks of activity. A shortage of stock is losing revenue, and a surplus of inventory is harmful to the company.

The after-sales service must be of quality. If this is not the case, your reputation will be quickly damaged and the activity will suffer. In parallel, the chances of success are also greater when the project brings together several entrepreneurs with different specialties (web development, marketing, community manager, SEO). If necessary, it is needed to be surrounded by competent providers.

It’s a new year and a new chance for you to start an online business and create absolute financial freedom and lifestyle for yourself.

2019 is a year of action. With this great list of online marketing business ideas, you have plenty of options to get started. Do not wait, and do not wait until next year!

Take some ideas and run with them – at this time of next year, you might have you are own successful and profitable online business! Feel free to tell us about your results after applying these successful e-commerce business ideas in 2019!

Marketing Strategy for Startup E-commerce?

You need to bring people into your store but especially to make sure that they do not come out with empty arms. To improve the number of visitors to your site, you can create advertising campaigns, for example with AdWords. However, make sure they are well targeted to attract the right customers and have an interest in your products. For the conversion, make sure that they arrive on a relevant page if you make a linked and with keywords from a search engine. To increase your conversions do not hesitate to make tests of type A / B to arrange the elements differently on the page and to test which version is preferred by your consumers.

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Welcome and Respect Your Visitors:

Two errors often come back in the management of the relationship with the internet surfers: Marketing Strategy for Startup E-commerce 2019 talks about it.

Requiring users to create an account to complete a transaction, can reduce the number of customers who will go all the way. You can, among other things, use simplified account creation mechanisms or use social networks to speed up this process.

Do not present enough information to potential buyers. Only in front of their screen, without a salesperson to guide them, they need to find sufficient information on the products. Otherwise, they will leave without buying anything. Otherwise, they will abandon their shopping cart and leave without buying anything.

E-commerce is primarily about distance selling. The act of purchase is, in essence, anxiety, since the user pays for a product or service that he can only enjoy a few days later. It is for this reason that we must reassure him. One of the golden rules is to be transparent about one’s business and purchasing conditions and policies. Do not hesitate to give more information than necessary: company name, staff, history, customer testimonials. All the more, the maximum information on the product itself: material, texture, practicality, style, etc., are very practical.

The image that your site sends back is the key factor: your e-Commerce site must reflect the way you want customers to see your business. The site must look professional and offer easy navigation.

Select Photo Editing Partner:

This is the most important thing to select an e-commerce image editing to make your images more attractive and professional because they can make your product images live. They have photo retouching team to take care of your pictures.


E-commerce is an operation that should be taken with the same seriousness as the opening of a physical store. You must have a strategy, goals and a plan. Although there was no mention of the logistics issue in this article, do not overlook this important portion. Once orders are placed, make sure to be able to deliver if you want your customers to come back to order again and recommend to their loved ones. This article is a brief overview of Marketing Strategy for Startup E-commerce 2019, but it wants to give some insights to its readers.

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