Do you think you are a talented writer? Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn money by following your passion for writing? Of course, it would be terrific. Thanks to the world of blogging, today, as a blogger you have the potential to earn enough to live comfortably.

The decision to choose to blog as a source of income is a definitive point in your life. If you wish to find out how to make money through blogging then a great list of article and blog submission sites for you to approach once you have a better idea of revenue through blogs.

What to Blog About? How to Choose the Best Topics for Blogging?

Blogging has become an integral part of content creation on the internet. Despite the innumerable Daily Prosper, video logs, and audio pod-casts prevailing in the content field, simple text blogs are incredibly popular. If you have a strong command of a language and are confident in your writing skills, then you can definitely try blogging online.

When it comes to deciding topics for writing blogs, there is absolutely no lack of choices. Some of the most trending topics to write and make your blog popular are:

Check out some of the top topics to write blogs on in 2019:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Lifestyle/Fashion
  • Language/Learning
  • Travel Blogging
  • Animal Rescue/Pet care
  • Personal development
  • Social/political events
  • Self-defense
  • Cooking/Food blog
  • Technology/Electronics/Computers

These and many more such topics provide the initial boost you need to publish and promote your blogs for maximum revenue power.

Ways to Make Money with Blogs

Money with Blogs

There are numerous ways today that blogger can use to monetize their blogs. Here, we have listed the top ways to make money through blogs:

1. Private Ads –

As your blog garners an increasing number of readers, advertisers will approach you eventually with a lucrative deal selling their ads on your blog. You can also reach out to individual ad agencies and propose a deal to promote their client’s content through on-page ads on your blogging page.

2. Digital Product Sales –

Bloggers benefit immensely through promoting digital products, such as online workshops/courses, eBooks, multimedia content, themes, plug-ins, apps, etc on your blogging page. Choosing digital products that are relevant to your topic of blogging, works wonders to earn revenue.

3. Membership –

Another major source of income, especially for niche or business bloggers is the facility to sell memberships to their exclusive content. For this, you will need to create valuable and extremely essential content which is in high demand currently.

4. Monetized Ads –

Leasing the remaining space on your blog page to advertisers is a basic way to make money through blogging. There are mainly two types of ads that can pay you a considerable amount – 1) CPC/PPC ads are mostly banner ads placed within your content or at the side and pay a certain amount for each click on the ad on your blog page. 2) CPM ads are useful to receive a fixed amount based on the number of people who view the ad on your blog. Connect with Google AdSense now and learn the best way to monetize using on-screen image ads.

5. Affiliate Links –

Yet another major way to make money from your blog is to use affiliate marketing techniques. In this, the advertiser will ask you to place their ad with a back-link on your blog page or within the content itself. Every time a user from clicks on this ad, and when directed to the advertiser’s this website makes the purchase, then you are entitled to a pre-fixed percentage of profit from such a sale.


Hopefully, these 5 ways to make money through blogging will finally launch your blog into the trending topics and earn you increasing income with time.

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