The average American buys around 65 items of clothing every year.

If you’re concerned about the impact this has on the planet or simply concerned about the impact it has on your wallet, there is an alternative.

With fall around the corner, it’s time to sort out your closet. Don’t worry if your fall wardrobe isn’t complete yet.

We have a few tips and tricks to help you stretch your fall closet out and make it feel as though you have hundreds of options to wear.

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1. Layers are Your Best Friend

Have a simple summer dress that you love wearing? Who says you have to stop wearing it as the colder days draw in?

Why not simply layer up this dress with a cardigan or blazer and wear it throughout fall? Add tights when you feel cold and choose a sophisticated shoe for work.

This trick works with hundreds of items. If you’re creating a capsule wardrobe, choose colors and patterns which work well together and your outfits will carry you from summer through to winter.

2. Choose High-Quality Accessories 

Nothing helps expand an outfit like an accessory. Choose a hoop earring, a pair of glasses, bracelets, or a handbag.

Your outfit could be extremely simple but by pairing it with a range of different accessories, it will feel as if you’ve stretched your clothing further.

Choose items which are high-quality. Perhaps save up for a bag which is truly your style. Not only will the items look better but they’ll also last for longer.

Furthermore, high-quality garments are better for your wallet and the planet as they’re less likely to go into landfill a few months after purchase.

3. Repair or Revamp Old Items of Clothing

Expand your wardrobe by repairing clothing as soon as it begins to look tired or old. Consider finding a tailor in your area who can help you.

A good idea to make sure clothes look great on you is to get them fitted to your body before you begin wearing them.

Then, when they need a little TLC, get them repaired or revamped. For instance, if you simply don’t like maxi dresses anymore, get your dress changed to a midi!

Alternatively, you can turn tired jeans into shorts or t-shirts into crop tops.

4. Visit a Second-Hand Store

There’s no better way to expand your wardrobe without spending thousands than visiting a second-hand store. If this store is linked to a charity, even better!

Sure, you’ll need to work harder in order to find pieces which suit your style and fit properly, but it’s worth it!

You could simply find a dress which works well with the rest of your clothing, or maybe you’ll find a whole range of fall items. You never know!

5. Follow Bloggers who Share Your Style

Nowadays, it’s easy to find inspiration to help us expand our wardrobes. But, following a blogger who consistently puts out content you like is a great idea.

Check out websites such as Pinterest to find bloggers and outfit inspiration. Then, create a mood board with all of your favorite items.

From this exercise, you can begin putting together an idea of what you love to wear best. Then, you know where the holes are in your wardrobe that you need to fill.

6. Choose 70% Basics and 30% Fashionable Items

If you’re still struggling to put together your fall wardrobe, a great tip to live by is the 70/30 rule.

Having 70% of basic items will help carry you through most of the seasons. These can then be replaced as they are torn.

Buying high quality, sustainable items is great for both your wallet and the planet. However, this does mean investing some cash upfront and then ensuring the items last for longer by looking after them properly.

Basics include; t-shirts, dresses, jeans, smart trousers, little black dress, plain pumps, one pair of heels, blazers, a t-shirt bra, and sunglasses.

Of course, your basics may change depending on what you wear most. Are you in the office every day, or do you work from home?

Your fashionable items can be splurge options or simply from cheaper stores. This could include an “out-there” coat or a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

7. Make a Statement with Your Coat

As fall draws closer, so does winter. So, consider investing in a coat which complements your wardrobe.

Most of the time, people on the street during fall will only see you in your coat anyway. This means you can keep your daywear simple and have a fashionable outer layer.

Consider visiting a second-hand store for a beautiful winter coat. Or, bring out your old coats.

These pieces are certainly worth spending money on. Not only should you invest in quality, but it’s also worth taking them to the dry cleaner to ensure they last longer.

Check out this article for more inspiration for how to bring your summer wardrobe into a fall-ready collection.

8. Take Note of Everything

Finally, after you’ve stretched and expanded your wardrobe it’s time to take note of everything you have.

Choose everything that you’ll wear this fall and consider every mix and match option. Consider taking photos so you remember the more outlandish outfits.

Then, put everything that you won’t be wearing away. Consider buying vacuum pack bags which take up less space in your closet.

Having an organized fall wardrobe will help you quickly get dressed in the morning and remove the stress.

What’s in Your Fall Wardrobe?

If you’re someone who loves clothes, it’s likely that you’re already starting on your preparations for your fall wardrobe.

However, if clothes shopping simply isn’t for you, this chore can make your life a lot easier. Pull together a capsule wardrobe and you can wear variations on the same outfit every single day!

Have you enjoyed this content? Check out the rest of the website for more ideas on how to dress well!

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