While you certainly want to leave a good impression at work and show that you can be smart, successful AND look amazing, getting dressed up every day can get a little tiring. So, if you want to have your cake and eat it too, i.e. get 15 minutes of extra sleep and still look like a million bucks at the office, here are a few fashion and style tricks to keep in mind.

Organize your closet

First things first—make sure your closet is tidy and organized. If you have to spend 5 minutes staring at piles of clothing and digging for that blouse you want, that’s definitely a waste of time. Or what if you reach for something nice and you realize that it gives a little more cleavage than what’s appropriate for work? In order to save yourself a lot of time and effort, try to keep all your work-appropriate clothing on one side, athletic wear on the other and so on. This way, every time you open your closet, you’ll know exactly where to look for your classy button-up blouse and where to look for your daring dress for dancing.

Buy a good blazer

Once your closet is neat, it’s time to fill it with some essentials, so start from a well-fitting blazer. Something basic in a neutral color like black, gray or tan will always look office-appropriate. Ensure your blazer is comfortable, that it fits well in the shoulders and that your sleeves are the right length, no matter if you choose a fitted or loose look. This piece of clothing can be successfully paired with everything from pencil skirts to jeans and you’ll still give off a very professional vibe.

Accessorize for the win

If you want to attract just the right amount of attention, but don’t want to invest in bold wardrobe pieces, don’t worry. A good accessory will add a nice touch to your look without too much effort. While large statement earrings and bold necklaces might be appropriate for a night out with your friends, it’s best to keep your jewelry minimalistic for the office. Find an elegant rose quartz ring here and add some timeless elegance to your look. A pair of small earrings will add some style to your face when you wear your hair up. Remember, if you opt for a good accessory, more is always less.

Keep your accessories in one drawer and every time you’re about to leave for work, grab one item for the day. It literally takes 5 seconds to grab something that will add a little flair to your look!

Professional Woman

Invest in a comfy pair of heels

Uncomfortable shoes will not only give you acute pain, but they can also leave long-term consequences on your health causing you to miss work and achieve subpar professional results. So, make sure to splurge on something comfy and high-quality. If you can find something that combines quality with a moderately-high heel and neutral color, you will have a pair of shoes perfect for long office hours.

Get a haircut

A good haircut can save you tons of time in the morning and make you look professional and put-together. Something that fits your face shape and is not hard to maintain would be ideal.

Have one or two fool-proof options

Lastly, you want to have one or two outfits to have your back when everything else fails. For instance, black pants, white shirt, and black boots are a fool-proof option. Or you can opt for a pencil skirt, blazer and black heels. Resort to this look when you’re in a special hurry and make sure to wash your combo as soon as you come back home and place it neatly back into your closet for the next emergency situation.

With these tips in your closet, you will not only look amazing when you get to the office, but you’ll also save up some precious time in the morning when you really don’t feel like putting an elaborate outfit together.

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