Although the summer is still quite far away, it is never too late to get ready for it. Every year becomes the hottest year in human history, so finding the best clothing for intense summer heat is extremely important. Linen and cotton are the most popular fabrics during the summer. If you want to wear a nice, cool, comfortable summer dress, which material should you pick?

Production of cotton

Cotton is a fiber that surrounds the seed of this particular plant. After extraction, this cellulose like substance is spun to create yarn or thread, to produce one of the softest, most breathable natural fabrics on the planet. Cotton is known for its cheap price and abundance.

Production of linen

Linen is widely known as the strongest natural fiber in the world. It is made from the stalks of the flax plant, which can be also used to produce insulation products. The fabric itself is quite ancient. Our ancestors have worn linen and utilized its many incredible benefits for thousands of years. Linen is very strong, healthy, comfortable, and exceptionally durable, but linen clothes can be a bit more expensive than the popular clothes we see today.

Why linen clothes are better than cotton?

The breathability and ability to wick away moisture make linen products extremely valuable during the summer. These qualities stop your body from overheating because the body keeps getting a constant supply of fresh air while getting rid of uncomfortable perspiration. Linen is substantially stronger than cotton. A nice linen dress can last more than a decade with proper care, while cotton simply does not have this kind of longevity.

If we discuss comfort, a brand-new cotton dress will surely feel softer and more comfortable than its linen counterpart, but give it some time, and these great qualities will begin to fade. Linen only gets smoother every time you wash it, without losing any strength! The longevity and endurance of this natural fabric are simply unmatched.

Why some people choose cotton over linen?

The answers to this question are quite simple. First of all, a lot of people dislike the higher price of linen, without realizing why it is such a great investment. The breathability of linen can cause discomfort in extreme cold, and it tends to get very creasy. Although it can be quite annoying, the wrinkles add a unique element to your elegant outfit, especially if it’s a classy linen dress. If you are not willing to pay the higher price, do not like its wrinkly appearance, or simply feel uncomfortable in it, cotton is a great substitute for a hot summer day.

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