Have you ever had such an experience like you feel exhausted to carry a bag even though there are not many things in it? Have you ever felt uncomfortable taking a backpack under the temperature was uncomfortably hot, and your back is full of sweat that felt squishy? Have you ever cost loads of money to buy a bag, but people thought it was a giveaway from purchasing a computer?

If such problems are bothering you, then don’t make do with it anymore! You should change a professional Aoking laptop backpack for your good. There are many great options in the market. Today a durable backpack for work is recommended, base on its significant benefits that can solve issues we mentioned above. For instance, Aoking bags company, as a leading backpack manufacturer, could be a great choice. It has been providing its customers with high-quality and visually-appealing backpack since 1985, and carefully considering the needs of a backpacker. The one which we are going to introduce is comfortable to carry, good-looking, and useful at a reasonable price, which is deeply loved by people. Let’s see how it could be such multifunctional.

Light in weight

The ordinary backpacks weigh about 1 kg itself, but it also needs to be packed with computers, umbrellas, wallets and so on, which makes it a heavy burden on the shoulders while commuting. However, to release as much weight as possible from your shoulder, a good backpack is different from the ordinary one. It weighs only 0.7kg with Aoking bags super comfy shoulder strap. Such a small difference can already make a huge impact, and you would hardly feel any burden on the back after carrying for a long time.


Since the weather could be hot in some areas and regions, people are easy to sweat while carrying something on the back. Worry no more, and you won’t have such a problem if you are taking backpacks with breathable technology.


The breathable sponge can speed up the back of the airflow and keep your back dry. Besides, this technology has a cellular heat dissipation system on the backing, which makes it decompressed easily and become even more breathable than usual bags on the market. Moreover, the shoulder strap is much broader than the regular shoulder strap, which naturally makes you feel much comfier.


If you placed some essential things in the backpack, such as a passport and laptop, you would not want your bag’s interior to be wet. Once raining heavily, the backpack is easy to be drenched, which may cause significant troubles. To avoid such a situation, AOKING’s backpack chooses the waterproof and moisture-proof fabric, which can better protect your electronic devices and papers from getting wet. With its high water-resistant performance, you don’t need to worry about your stuff being soaked in the backpack under any circumstances.

Large capacity

The primary function of a backpack is packing. Many backpacks have only one large pocket inside so that you need to arrange it all in when you put something in it. Every time you want to take something from the bag, you have to turn it over for a long while, which is a waste of time. However, the multilayer design and side pocket provide an excellent convenience for working professionals. The interior space of this shoulder bag is designed reasonably. It has various pockets to stuff in everything you need, which can place different things in different categories and get what you want quickly. What’s more, there is a separate layer that fits the maximum 16-inch laptop, which is more convenient to take out.

External USB

It is of great importance to charge phones or laptops anywhere you need, especially for working professionals. The built-in charging cable provides convenient charging of your electronic devices. This considerable design offers excellent help, which is a significant advantage that other ordinary backpacks don’t include.

The five characteristics above show the extraordinary design and exquisite craftsmanship of great bags that AOKING offers. It can satisfy all your needs for a backpack. If you want to acquire one with high quality and durable through an extended period, as well as a high level of customization at reasonable pricing, this one is the best pick for you.

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