Over time, you’ll redesign and refurbish many parts of your home, with some projects being more extensive than others. One of the most crucial home improvement projects you’ll ever carry out is the task of remodeling your kitchen, the hub of activity in your home where most household chores are completed. Renovating the kitchen is more than just giving it a cosmetic makeover; it will likely include a practical element also to make cooking, cleaning, etc. easier for you.

Remodelling Your Kitchen

This infographic from Pennywell offers an educated and simplified guide to kitchen renovation, covering all the main points that you should know before you commit any time or monetary investment in the project. Before you ever carry out any renovation tasks, you’ll need to know how much of a budget you’ll have. Otherwise, you could end up blowing far more than necessary on a remodeling job that might not even turn out how you want it.

Think firstly about the practicalities of a proposed kitchen redesign before you dive into the aesthetic details. Yes, it might be more fun to sift through images of gorgeous color schemes than it is to calculate the ideal proximity of your cooker and sink, but the beauty can be added once the pragmatism is applied. Also, look at how you can reduce costs without necessary cheapskate. You can expand into redundant space in your home instead of needing to build outwards, for example.

Read the infographic below for more advice on how best to approach a kitchen renovation project.



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