Dubai is one of the most sophisticated and modern cities of the United Arab Emirates and it is popular for high buildings, super hot Desert Safari Dubai, many ancient buildings and some of the most modern and luxurious lifestyle as well.

Tourists love to visit Dubai. From all across the world, many visitors and tourists come to Dubai to explore the whole new world and to amaze themselves to see such great human architecture. While one enjoys traveling to Dubai, there is a chance that you make some of the most common mistakes a traveler can make while visiting Dubai.

For highlighting these mistakes, we are here to describe them one by one so that you can keep them in mind before you travel and explore Dubai.

Wearing Skimpy Clothes

Wearing Skimpy Clothes

Well, aside from being a modern and sophisticated city, Dubai has got its own dress codes. You can wear bikinis and shorts on the beaches but they are not considered good in the main city. Most of the women there will wear an ABAYA(Long Garment covering the whole body) while men wear pant shirts or their traditional dresses. So, you must look out for the dress you are about to wear in Dubai.

Ask For Permission before Taking Someone’s Picture

Ask For Permission

A lot of snap happy people love to capture different people’s casual and random smiles and they don’t even ask for a permission. But, here in Dubai, you must ask for a permission first before taking one’s picture as there are some residents who will mind if you do not ask them for a permission of taking the picture.

Public Displays of Love


While being a Muslim society, Dubai is not a good city for showing public affection or love for someone and its considered very offensively and unethical as well. So, you must make these kinds of gestures in private rather in public while you are visiting Dubai.

Drinking And Driving

Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving is not a good idea even if you are in your own country but in Dubai, there is a strict rule and zero tolerance for drinking while driving misconducts. You are not allowed to drink while you drive in any condition and that’s the main reason for almost no traffic accidents in Dubai.



As we discussed earlier the rules and regulations about drinking and driving, alcohol is also not a good choice to be drunk in public as Dubai is a Muslim state.

There are special bars and hotels which provide alcohol and you must have a license for drinking alcohol. Being drunk in public too is considered illegal in Dubai even if you are a non-Muslim. The police of Dubai compensates as they rarely check foreign tourists for alcohol, but if you have got too much drunk due to alcohol consumption in Dubai, you must expect a very harsh treatment in return. So, avoid drinking alcohol in public places while visiting Dubai.

Author Bio:

Usama Nizamani is a travel blogger and he loves to travel all over the world to explore the different beautiful place, ancient civilizations and is keen on giving his unbiased reviews on the places he has visited.

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