Interior design themes within your home or office make them look elegant and sleek. The choice of the theme that you chose to incorporate within your house may be dependent on the color of the furniture, ceiling, accessories or a general preference of a homeowner. There are many different themes that you can incorporate within your home to make it look trendier and appealing. You may, however, need an experienced professional interior designer to help you with the identification of colors that will match your theme of choice.

Your furniture, accessories among other additions in your home should complement the theme at all costs. Large glass windows are a common feature that is added in the living rooms of modern houses. The large glass windows allow for natural light to penetrate the house which keeps it illuminated during the day. They are also considered to be energy efficient since with them; you do not need to keep your interior overhead lights for illumination. Instead, you can rely on the natural light and save on bills incurred for your electricity bills. The top interior design themes that you can use the large glass windows are discussed comprehensively within this article.

Modern Theme

Modern Theme

How simple would you like your living room to look? This is a problem that many homeowners have when they are deciding on the theme they would want for their new homes. The modern theme entails having simple furniture within your house that is arranged in a unique layout. The layout should be carefully planned and set so that it remains intact and makes the house look not only simple but elegant. The theme requires that minimal accessories be added within the environment. This means that the walls of a living room in a house that has modern design have a deficiency of accessories such as pictures or artwork. This way, you may have large glass windows in such a living room to allow as much light as possible. Since there are no many obstacles, the light from outside will fall on the plain walls and make the room look brighter. When the color of the theme is white, the room will look brighter than other colors due to the high reflection index of white color. A large glass window could run from the floor to the ceiling to allow as much light as possible to enter the room.

French Themes


France is a country that is known to have a history of art. Most homes in the modern era incorporate French themes where they include traditional and historical ornaments that are designed for interior décor, porcelain bowls, flower vases, and French blankets may be placed within the living room to create a French theme. Natural materials such as bricks and stones may also be incorporated with this theme. They make your home look unique and have a touch of French history. When using this french interior design in your home, the walls should have artwork that is inspired by French artists and color tones of red, gold and orange painted on the walls. A large glass window would be a good choice for such a home since it will provide entry for sufficient light. The French artwork on the wall requires sufficient illumination for it to look attractive and make the house ambient. The light would also be useful to make the color tone brighter in the long run. The artwork should be hanged on the wall opposite the large glass window.

Minimalist Theme

Minimalist Theme

Most people in the modern era do not like having a lot of furniture within their living rooms. They prefer having limited furniture that can be used by a few people. This could just be a lounge and a bar top in the living room. Usually, there is a lot of space that is left unused. This space when well illuminated could create an illusion of your home being larger than it is. If you are a person, who has an interest in the minimalist interior design, having a large glass window that runs from the ceiling to the floor will help make the living room larger.  However, the colors on your walls should be bright so that sufficient light can be reflected in the long run. If you use dull colors, your living room might remain dark which is not attractive to the eyes.

Hollywood Glam

This is an interior design theme that is popular among many artists in the world. The design is popular due to the luxurious look that it introduces to a house. The Hollywood glam has many elements which include top of the line furniture, artwork and other decorations. The walls of this theme are decorated with attractive colors which have unique patterns painted on them. Waving enough light shining on the artwork used for this theme would be helpful to make them attractive and elegant. Most homeowners with this design contract specialist interior designers to create a unique design for their walls. A large glass window would be suitable for such living rooms. The lounge is where resident within such homes spend most of their time. When the room is well lit, you may find yourself attracting many people to your personal space.

Coastal Style

The coastal style of interior design is based on the open beaches where there is a lot of lighting and view of the outside. The furniture within the rooms that use the coastal theme of the interior design is mostly arranged in a layout that faces the outside. Having a large glass window would be a better way of making the coastal theme look more modernized. The glass window would be essential in allowing more light to go into the rooms which are a primary requirement for this theme. Also, it would allow for the entry of a breeze in the evening where the homeowner and visitors can relax as they pass the time.

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