Every year ropes in new trends. We cannot just stick to the old things as this might lead to monotony and boredom. This is applicable to furniture also. The right piece of furniture can make your entire living space look beautiful. The furniture you use to decorate your home actually speaks volumes about your aesthetic sense.

It is not always important to buy furniture; these days you can easily get furniture on rent in Bangalore. This also holds good if you are not going to stay at a place for a very long period. Also, when you buy furniture you are stuck with it as a huge amount of financial investment is involved, so renting it is always a good idea.

In this article, we will tell you about top furniture trends that you can follow to make your home chic and stylish.

1. Use of natural materials

A sharp rise has been seen in proclivity towards natural as well as organic materials when it comes to furniture. This is because the new generation has become hugely concerned about the environment. Materials like bamboo and cane are used so that there is minimum wastage. Furniture made with such materials also makes your home look eye-catching. It’s why Anne Quinn provides wood furniture in Toronto that really lasts long and provides a great centerpiece.

2. Rise Of French Design-

There has been a shift towards French design in furniture as it looks all-embracing and refined. People want to rent a fridge in Bangalore with huge French doors, automatic water, and an ice dispenser to induce an element of classiness and sophistication.

3. Use Of Sculptural Furniture-

Sculptural furniture looks unique. It can be made out of a wide array of materials such as canvas, boiled wool, natural wood, sisals, etc. People desire different things but they are also concerned about elements such as eco-friendliness, quality of product and sustainability. A growing trend in the use of sculptural furniture can be observed in current times.


4. Statement Furniture

In order to enhance the appeal, people use a lot of statement furniture in their homes. Statement furniture can be in the form of curved sofas or items such as oversized lamps, etc.

5. Return To The Traditional Look

There has been a resurgence of furniture with traditional lines. Modern furniture lacks warmth, so people now want furniture with intricate detailing as they see it as a connection to the good old times.

6. Cozy Beds-

Cozy beds give a feeling of being nurtured and protected. This is the feeling which you want to get when you are relaxing or sleeping. These cozy beds have soft and cushiony headboards and footboards so that it feels that you are getting a warm hug.

You can easily do a good make-over of your home with these furniture trends. People are fast moving away from harsh and sharp-edged designs. It is always good to keep making changes to your home as this breaks monotony and creates positivity in the environment. Keep these furniture trends on your radar and you will surely delight everyone who is visiting your home.

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