Unless you want to look ordinary, one of your concerns when dressing up for an occasion should be choosing the right fashion accessories. By picking the ideal fashion jewelry pieces, you can look astonishingly stylish and shine wherever you find yourself especially for the special occasions and moments of your life. In view of this, check out the following 6 types of fashion jewelry that are capable of making you shine like a diamond.

1. Shell-embellished jewelry


If you want to stand out, shell-adorned jewelry pieces will definitely make you look special yet beautiful. Luckily, this fashion jewelry can be used for a wide range of pieces such as earrings, anklets, necklaces, and bracelets. Recently, we witnessed a large number of different styles of shelled-embellished jewelry brought in by wholesale jewelry manufacturers and resellers. Therefore, you can easily find some beautiful pieces there for such a style of fashion jewelry and the choice of how you want to wear your shell-embellished jewelry is all yours. For example, you can wear this type of jewelry during your vacations especially for trips at the seashore; you also can wear shell-embellished jewelry on most casual occasions to match your beautiful dresses.

2. Three-dimensional jewelry


Three-dimensional jewelry pieces are quite a high fashion style now. They are not just bold, but they are also useful for most periods of the year. They can be used as abstract jewelry that can come in the form of layered, asymmetrical, or multicolored fashion jewelry pieces. This fashion jewelry type can be worn as necklaces and earrings that will make use to shine irrespective of the occasion. Due to its bold characteristic, the three-dimensional jewelry is a perfect choice for wearing at parties or friends gatherings, if chosen appropriately, you will definitely make yourself to be the spotlight of the events.

3. Stacked necklaces


Another fashion jewelry piece that is great and capable of making you shine is a stacked necklace. Generally, a stacked necklace features different necklaces that are either matching or complementary to each other. Since most individuals will not take the chance of adorning stacked necklaces, you will likely be one of the few people wearing them on any occasion. Hence, it will be easy for you to shine when you are adorning one. However, you need to be cautious when choosing this type of jewelry because you need to make sure your outfit or personal style goes well with the stacked necklace. It is advisable to try and match stacked necklaces first before deciding to wear them in case you wear them inappropriately to render an awkward appearance.

4. Punk rock jewelry


Punk rock jewelry is gradually becoming a common fashion piece as many people, especially youngsters, are becoming rebellious with the things they wear. Featuring chains, crosses, etc., punk rock jewelry is good for most casual looks and provides you with a chance to mix it with other fashion pieces as long as they complement each other. Punk rock jewelry pieces are available in different colors, so you have an array of options to consider. If you are adorning black cloth, you can go for silver punk jewelry which is quite a punk style to rock now.

5. Pearl fashion jewelry


Pearl fashion jewelry is one of the natural gems that have been in use for so many years. Although it has undergone several changes, we now have some chic pearl fashion jewelry pieces that can be used for accessorizing yourself. Pearl fashion jewelry usually represents elegance, so for daily wearing and working occasion wearing, this style will be a perfect choice. Therefore, don’t forget to pick the right pearls for your outfit and shine like a graceful start.

6. Vibrant enamel

Vibrant enamel

Enamel jewelry pieces are bright and vibrant with an amazing pop of colors. The hues of colors that this kind of fashion jewelry has are the most eye-catching thing that will make you shine and look astonishing. Pair your lively enamel jewelry with a neutral-colored cloth so that the jewelry will be the center of attraction on you. This type of jewelry will be a great choice if you want to wear some catchy styles to places with dim light such as coffee bars or night clubs

Now that you have known the Lab made jewelry that you can wear to shine, the ball is in your court to decide which ones you are going to put on at each particular time.

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