Did you look in the mirror recently and wonder; “What happened?” You know what happened! You’ve let yourself go to pot! It may be because you no longer work outside the home. Is it possible you may be working too hard! Did you just recently retire? Were you just lazy? Whatever the reason, you are simply put, not looking like the person who used to turn heads when entering a room.

However, there is good news, a minor tweak here and major one there could change your appearance making even you surprised. It may take a while to get rid of those extra pounds preventing you from zipping your pants or making it too tight at the waist. Remember, it took more than one day of ice cream or Snickers candy bar or banana splits to add the extra pounds. It will take more than one day to get rid of them. It sure was awesome adding them though. I know! Looking over at a mouth-watering whopper of a sandwich or picking up some fried chicken on the way home or even a pizza once in a while was too hard to resist. The good news is, with only a trip to the store, you can hide those dimples, ripples and budges. Want to take a few inches off your waist, firm up those love handles, and even get back into the little tight dress?

Below are some amazing new products sure to make a man whistle again, make other females green with envy because they want to look like you. Even you show a hint of a smile when passing the mirror. And yes, the man in your life will see you in a different light. He will become jealous again and worry about who is looking when he is not around.



Spanx (Shapewear)

Do you remember the old girdle of yesteryear? Well, it has been revived in the form of Spanx. Spanx is an amazing product sure to take inches off the waist without causing you to scream in agony. By acquiring the correct Spanx product, you can remove the bumps and bulges from the hips and thighs. And they’re comfortable how about that! You never know you have one on. They fit close to the body and have no wires or snaps. You can swallow and breathe without thinking something is going to pop. Spanx helps you pull that clingy dress you love over your body with no sign of any fat bubbles beneath. Whenever you walk out of the house now Spanx is right there fitting like a second skin. There’s no discomfort; Only confidence wearing the form-fitting styles you love. Cinderella had nothing on you. Adding a few wonderful products to your wardrobe will take pounds off your body and years off your face. You can smile again when walking past the mirror. Your significant other will look and look and look again.

Necklace (Statement Jewelry)

Not just any necklace, but ‘the’ necklace. The one that completes any ensemble. It doesn’t have to be a statement Necklace. It must be one that ‘makes a statement’ -There is a difference. A small pearl necklace, 16 or 18 inches, makes an amazing statement when worn with anything. You can dress up the blandest of jeans and a shirt, even a tee shirt when adding a pearl necklace. Finish the look off with pearl stud earrings and a pearl bracelet. Add a pearl ring and a watch with a pearl band. it’s simple things added that make the look complete.

Black (Signature) Handbag

A handbag is as essential as any other accessories to complete one’s look, a black handbag can go with the look. One can always think of getting a suitable handbag like oroton icon bag which can help in completing the look. The one accessory no woman should be without probably is a handbag. Years ago, women wore handbags that matched the color of their dress or shoes or both. We changed bags daily not realizing the issues caused when leaving one essential item in your purse like, oh let’s say, your wallet! This is still fashionable, but not to the magnitude it was in the 50s, 60s’ and early 70s. We must all remember there are certain items a woman’s closet should never be without. The black handbag is one. Buy all the other colors you desire, but never forget to have several black bags in your closet.

Fashion Pins (Brooch)

Princess Grace was one of the most refined, elegant and fashionable women ever. She was a true lady. Never showing anger or emotion she was always the perfect example of femininity. When reviewing her life and seeing her in different modes of style, she wore brooches (pins) often. Can’t say always because there were times a brooch just was not reasonable. However, to complete most outfits worn when out for a ride, entertaining, attending a formal event, etc., a pin was one of her desired accessories. Brooches are versatile. Not only are they worn on the lapel, place one in the center of your jacket, at the knot of your scarf, on a belt, even at the center of a dress between the breast. If you have a brooch, you have added a new dimension of style to your wardrobe.

Hats for Women

Ladies, there should be at least one hat in your closet; no excuse. A hat is essential, vital as the one piece that makes a woman a woman. Never in the history of style has there been such an amazing variety of hats. They are gorgeous and do not just say confidence, style, sophistication, but all of these. Wear one when attending a formal event. Wear one when biking. Wear one to church. Wear one to a wedding. Wear one anywhere but make sure it is the correct one for the occasion. And, as logical as it may seem to us, not everyone will, but please make sure and wear a hat when it is cold outside.

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