The practice of SEO can indeed bring significant changes in your business. SEO & Link building services are an effective strategy that can undoubtedly increase your business’ visibility. However, if you are trying SEO for the first time, then without a proper guide it will probably be the biggest mistake that you could ever make. To keep your start strong at first, you must learn the tips for beginners. Sometimes you may find SEO intimidating and terrifying because of the constant changes in the search engines algorithm and overloading of the information. Therefore, you must always stay updated with the digital marketing and SEO tips as a beginner so that you can deliver sustainable results.

Top Effective SEO and Link Building Strategies for Social Media 

Listed below are top SEO and link building strategies to make it more effective and robust.


  • Make your content easy and understandable

Do you remember this line ‘’content is king’’ by Bill Gates? Prioritizing the quality of the content is one of the most effective SEO strategies. Of course, you have to create great content to engage potential viewers and increase organic traffic. But too much of gibberish and irrelevant discussion within the content can ruin the entire process. A study according to BuzzSumo analysis says that the articles in between 3000 thousand and 10,000 thousand have the greatest number of shares on average.

  • Prioritize human readers first and search engines second

Are you still stuck in the old SEO, where impressing search engines are more important than human readers? If yes, then its time for you to change your mindset! Let’s find out the mindset of old and new SEO analytics.

Old SEO- 

  • singular keyword and page focused
  • ranking focused

New SEO-

  • ROI focused
  • Focus more on how people engage more with a specific product, brand, and service.

You should not prioritize search engines over the humans who will read your work. You should rather write for the users or people who read, observe, and spend credit to buy your services or products.

  • Keyword research is mandatory 

Only great content is not enough to reach the business goals. Even prominent marketers like Neil Patel recommend digital marketers to do extensive keyword research, in fact, to make it a habit. Your keyword research should include details like monthly searches, official rankings, click-through rates etc. for each of the keywords. There are many authentic and reliable keyword research tools available in Google, so you can choose them as per your choice or requirement.

  • Eliminate anything that reduces your site speed

A report according to Strange Loop highlights that a minor 1 second of delay in page loading time can lead to 7% loss in conversion. In today’s marketplace, slow page loading means a kiss of death and nothing else. Why? It is because it can make the user experience frustration and eventually will not encourage people to buy your products. Today, it is common to think that slow site loading means unauthorized site. Another report by consultancy shows that 40% of users leave a website that takes about 3 seconds to load.

Link Building

Classification of Links

There are mainly three types of links such as

  • Internal links- these are the links on your web pages that you can link to the other places on your website.
  • Inbound links- these links are mostly of other websites that are linked to your website.
  • Outbound links- they are also known as outgoing or external links, which are always in your control. You can add these links to your website instead of linking them to another internal web page of your site.

Linking Your Site To Another Website Is Beneficial

Link building has always been a primary part of search engine optimization strategy according to Brian Clark, the founder of Copy blogger media. According to the founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, when you link out your site with another website, it becomes a traceable traffic thus, making your site much more valuable and a scalable resource. However, it is a common thinking among most people that linking out to other similar and official content pages is not a great idea because it throws away visitors from your page.

Why is link building important to improve the SEO status?

This is a million-dollar question which every single aspiring SEO and digital marketer must take into consideration. Now understanding the fact, links are the most robust root of an improved SEO. It is because of the fact that they build authority and credibility. Important SEO factors like domain authority and page rank can be improved to a greater extent if you can optimize a strong link correctly to your webpage. According to a recent survey, about 41% of big business houses and companies say that link building is the most critical SEO tactic. Of course, the age of the web page and domain are the greatest tips for effective SEO which we should keep in mind. Here you can browse the best SEO packages based on your requirement & budget.

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