Are you thinking about starting an eBay business? This is something that many people have turned to in recent times (especially during the pandemic) because it is a type of business that you can easily run from the comfort of your own home and a good way to earn a second income or even a full-time job. Read on for a few handy tips for getting started.

Find Trending Products to Sell

The key to success when it comes to starting an eBay store is selling products which are in-demand. This means that you need to stay current when it comes to trending products and then find the best places to source these products whether this is through dropshipping, wholesalers or going to thrift stores and flea markets.

High-Quality Products Details

The main limitation wit online shopping is that people are not able to physically see and hold the products. This means that you need to provide high-quality products details, which will include a unique and detailed product description along with multiple high-quality photographs from different angles. Additionally, try to make these photographs look professional with a plain background otherwise it can look amateurish.


Pay Attention to Your Feedback

It is very important to pay attention to feedback when it comes to using eBay, especially your feedback score which will determine whether or not someone will shop with you. If you are struggling to build your score, you could buy a few items from other sellers as the score is calculated using both buying and selling transactions.

Use Courier Shipping

In order to build your score and develop a positive reputation, it is important that you offer a high-quality product shipping experience. These days, people expect a range of options and both fast and affordable delivery. In addition to using high-quality materials, you should also use a courier comparison service so that you can find the right courier for each individual order.

Consider a Returns Policy

When it comes to online shopping, returns are common as people do not truly know what they are getting until it arrives and returns are particularly common with clothes. This is why you need to consider a fair returns policy and eBay will reward those that offer 30 days or more by boosting them in the search results.

These tips should help you to get set up and running with an eBay business and hopefully start to make some sales from the start.

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