SEO is a necessity today in the market for any website to be worked upon rather it be business, blogging, e-commerce or any other kind of website. SEO in simple terms could be said to optimize a website to rank in results for one or a set of keywords in the search engine.

Today I would google or search on any search engine for anything I want to know or find. It can be information, services provider or anything. I would probably go for the first results as google suggests, if not as per me then 2nd and followed ahead. Thus the CTR of first search results are always 45% to 50% or sometimes even more but after that, it goes to 20% to 23% for second and falls ahead accordingly.

This is the reason a business website wants to rank at the top for their product or service being searched. SEO here if worked properly following Google and other search engine’s rules you can rank in some time and get the best possible position.

This is the very start where you need to start the website. Purchase a domain and start with designing the website. Here keeping the images well optimized to load quickly even on medium speed of the internet. Here quick loading speed is required because the slower website loads the lesser people would wait on your website and bounce off to search engine for some other result which might affect your ranking.

  • Competitive and Keyword Research:

Before starting with optimizing you need to research on your competitors and look for keywords they target for and what keywords you will target for. For a small or local business, you should always start with local keywords which might have low difficulty.

  • On-page Optimization:

After building and designing now you need to start with on-page optimization where you need to update with content, meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords. All of these should be optimized with keywords in a limited amount.

The meta title should not exceed 580 Pixels which is approximately between 55 to 65 characters. Here you should look that the title does not exceed 580 pixels and you have the main attractive keywords that people search for in it.

Meta Description is not the same as here you have 920 Pixels where the length is between 120 and 160 characters. Here you can exceed for optimizing it with keywords rather try to explain in 920 pixels itself what it is about. You should take care of the keywords to be present everywhere from meta titles and descriptions to internal pages.

The images should be well optimized or compressed with the alt texts of keywords and what it actually displays for google to read it and result in the website accordingly if searched. 


  • Google Business Page:

You should create your Google business page before working on its SEO. This is a real help as your google business page might result even if your website doesn’t in your locality or geographical location-based search or if the business name is searched.

The Google business page should display the brand or business with proper images, description, logo and positive reviews along so that the people aren’t being misguided. Here make sure to select the right category so that even if you don’t rank, you can be seen in other options for your competitors.

  • Business Listings:

Work on business listing on different websites majorly focusing on local listing platforms if small business and in case of medium or high-level business go for national and international listing platforms. This might drive traffic who are interested in your products and services.

  • Keyword Linking:

The keyword you have optimized your website with won’t be enough to rank for it. You have to create backlinks on different websites with the same keyword. Majority of small business owners never think about this but this is helpful in the ranking. Also, if you are at a local level, first start with local websites link with and progressively proceed ahead.

  • Schema Markups:

Schema Markups allows the search engine to know about the data present of websites like address, contact numbers, ratings, and more. The websites with schemas do get more preference over other results as in search results the same thing is displayed. Majorly websites with star ratings are helped with schema markups.

  • Guest Posts:

Blogs are something people like to read, share and follow. Here you can search for blogs which write about products of your niche and approach them accordingly. Here this might give you two benefits. Content marketing with a link to the website. You can even write on the niche of your product without mentioning your brand and linking your website on your target keyword. As mentioned above, this might help you in ranking your website. 

(Note: Focus on do-follow links as no-follow links might drive the visitor to the website but won’t indicate search engines about the link) 


Here I have mentioned 8 steps. These steps should be worked on with proper research and evaluation to get the best position for target customers. This won’t be happening overnight while be taking some time as per your process and keyword difficulty level. SEO is always a never-ending process. Thus, after achieving your desired position you shouldn’t stop SEO. Rather, I suggest you work accordingly for even better goals. 

SEO is a competitive game and we need to keep working to sustain position and grow. Also, you need to be updated about the Google algorithm which might affect your website ranking. You should look for a Digital Marketing Services provider to start and maintain your website to work for its SEO. Also, keep following ItsMyOwnWay for such awesome content and know more about digital marketing, health, travel, fashion and much more.

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