There are many stigmas associated with PC gaming. Most players consider it a daunting place to get into. Often, console gamers, despite having the interest to play on PC, shy away from being a part of the platform as they feel the PC ecosystem is unnerving and intimidating.

But, there are many positives of PC gaming and one of them is that it is far cheaper. You will spend less money on games on the PC than on a console. Besides, gaming on the PC may seem complex but like any other platform, you earn as you advance in this realm as well. Check out and you will understand what we mean. 

If you are on the verge of getting your first PC and are still unsure, we are here to assist you. In this article, we will share the complete beginner’s guide on how you can get playing on a PC.

Control your game 

Control your game 

You are in total control of everything in PC gaming. From the PC’s hardware to the launcher you use for games, and the graphical settings. Customizing all the aspects as per your liking, picking and choosing different platforms and applications to interact with, feels stress-free.

Trust us when we say that the ecosystem of PC gaming lets you taste pure freedom that going back to XBOX may not give you.


PC customization is an endless process. You can decide everything from your mouse color to the keyboard lights and the effects you want these lights to have. 

It feels like a party to style the PC case depending on the kind of look you want. Whether you want a minimalist, sleek and nice look or want tons of LED’s, PC gaming spoils you with choices. 

A mature community to play in

We are not saying there is not a single immature player you will come across when playing on a PC, but the PC gaming community is mature. There are no annoying 12-year-old kids on microphones that share sad jokes with you.

Different games have different communities. Playing games like Counter-Strike can get you, rude players. But, games like Civilization have a mature and friendly community.

Playing online is free

Playing online

Have you paid 60 dollars just to get on the internet all this while? The lifespan of a console is seven years. And if you had not paid 60 dollars every year, you could have easily saved 420 dollars. 

You can get the latest console with all that money or better yet, get a new gaming PC. 

Better graphics

Most players will tell you that PC graphics are unparalleled. And that is true. People we know played Witcher 3 on the PC and were simply blown away with the graphics. We purchased a brand new graphics card to play a maxed-out game. And, we say try it to believe because the experience was stellar. 

Youtube has many comparison videos where they compare the graphics of an Xbox with a PC. These videos will give you an idea of what we mean. But, yes since YouTube compresses the videos, it may not do justice to the quality of the PC video. However, despite seeing the game’s filtered version you will make out the difference. 

Smoother experience and better controls 

The keyboard and mouse are better than a console. We suggest getting used to the mouse and when you do, your movement speed will make me a lot more fluid. You will land wherever you desire. 

The keyboard lets you program each action to any key you prefer. Many players have admitted to having played Battlefield 3 on a Playstation 4 with a controller and guess what? Each of them confessed that the gameplay felt extremely slow and sluggish. 

Computer peripherals have a higher frame rate, unlike capped consoles. Hence your gaming experience is a lot more enjoyable and smoother. Whoever said that our eyes cannot see more than 30 frames/second has lied. That is because our eyes are not some camera. 

A PC is also backward compatible; which means that you can play an old game from many years back besides playing the same on the latest computer. You will not have to buy the same game twice as is the case with PS1, 2, 3, and 4. 


The PC indeed does better than the consoles in most of the categories. And, trust us, as to console lovers, this statement was difficult to type. But, the PC is indeed something else. We will not be throwing our consoles to the heap of scraps anytime soon, but we do admit that we are loving the PC for the all-night gaming sessions. Hope you liked our detailed guide on PC gaming. If there is anything you would like to add, please share it with us in the comments below. 

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