Video games have become extremely popular today. Hundreds of new games are launched every month but only a handful of these have what it takes to become the top most popular video games. One such extremely popular video game is a villain in Mad City.

About Mad City

Mad City is an open-world action game developed by Schwifty Studios. It was designed on 3rd December 2017 and it reached the front page less than two years later on 28th January 2019. Ever since Mad City has become a permanent feature of the front page.

Similar to the most popular game on the platform, Jailbreak, there are several distinctive features that make Mad City noticeably more action-packed and interesting. It has several unique features which have helped it to become so popular.

Mad City crossed the 1 billion visit milestone on 4th April 2020 which has made it the 13th game ever to achieve the distinction.

Gameplay and Characters in Mad City

villain mad city

As is seen in Jailbreak, in Mad City too, there are remarkable aspects of role-playing and open-world games combined with the traditional Cops and Robbers genre.

At the beginning of the game, you will need to choose one of three factions – Police, Superhero, or Prisoner.


If you choose the Police faction you will instantly get three items to begin the game: a pistol, taser, and handcuffs. Only the police faction is entitled to get and use tasers and handcuffs in the game. The main goal of Police players is to arrest guilty prisoners and apprehend prisoners who have escaped from jail.

Every time your Police character is eliminated, it automatically spawns inside the police station within the prison.


Heroes are the next team you can choose. Their goals are similar to that of the Police. The only difference is that, unlike the Police who are tasked to arrest the criminals (Prisoners) and put them back in jail, the heroes work to kill any criminals so that they eventually end up spawning inside the prison.

Heroes are offered a variety of superpowers. Some of the most popular superpowers include:

  • Proton
  • Hotrod
  • Inferno
  • Voltron
  • Vanta
  • Titan
  • Frostbite
  • Archer

Each of these superpowers is meant to help the heroes in killing criminals and prisoners.

When the Hero is killed, it drops a power crystal that contains their previous superpower. The criminal can grab this power crystal and gain the Hero’s superpower.


Prisoners initially start in a prison cell before they can escape. The main aim of the Prisoner class is to escape and upgrade to the Criminal class. The Prisoners are able to search items, such as trash cans, containers, and boxes that give them tools and upgrades to escape from the prison. These containers may store tools, such as hammers and C4 bombs that aid them in escaping the prison cell. Prisoners can even unlock spoons or lock-picks that help them to escape. However, Prisoners cannot spawn vehicles within the prison.


Criminals are Prisoners who have upgraded after escaping from prison. Criminals are tasked with robbing banks and other places. Once the Criminals rob a place, they will need to travel to their criminal base to deposit their money.

Apart from the main robberies, there are several smaller robberies, such as the Fruit Store or the 2 Red Houses that Criminals are tasked with. In case the Criminal character dies, they spawn in their criminal base. However, if the Criminal character is killed by the Police or Hero, then the Criminal is downgraded to a Prisoner and spawns in their prison cell.


Villains are the only team that the Criminal characters cannot join directly from the menu. Once any Prisoner or Criminal gets their hands on a power crystal dropped by a Hero, they are immediately upgraded to the Villains class.

The Villains can access the Villain Base under the Volcano and can choose to become one of three types of Villain – Rykou, Phantom, or Raven.

Ranks in Mad City

The XP points that are shown in the progress bar, and are denoted by gold star icons, determine the progress of your character to the next rank.

A player collects XP points by escaping from prison, arresting criminals, robbing, or generally completing the tasks assigned to each class of character. There is also a limited-time reward for players at every 5, 15, or 20 ranks.

Mad City codes for April 2022

Roblox Mad City codes will allow you to get Vehicle skins weapon skins and cash.

Mad City is a popular online game on Roblox that was made by Schwifty Studios in March 2017. This title has seen worldwide success, having been enjoyed by many users each day. One of the most notable features of Mad City is that it’s said to have been inspired by the popular Jailbreak game but serves its own set of unique goals and objectives.

Mad City gameplay allows the player to choose between a side of a crime or superheroes. The player will be able to run around the city while performing heists or try to put a stop to them from happening with police.

In this post, we will give you the codes for Mad City and cover some of the key information you need to know while playing.

All Active Mad City codes

All active coupons are available for use on Mad City merchandise!

BILLYBOUNCE: Billy Bounce Emote.

0MGC0D3: Green Dots Vehicle Skin.

Ryguy: Ryguy Vehicle Skin.

D1$C0: Vehicle Skin.

Napkin: Vehicle Skin.

RealKreek: Vehicle Skin.

5K37CH: Vehicle Skin.

Bandites: Vehicle Skin.

uNiQueEe BACON: Vehicle Skin

How to Redeem Mad City codes

To redeeming the codes in Mad City is an easy step, here are the steps required to redeem your codes for freebies

  • Click on Mkey or on the menu icon on the bottom right.
  • Click on the Twitter icon.
  • Enter the code.

Bottom Line

Roblox Mad City gets regularly updated with new and amazing additions, including new play areas, buildings, and upgraded powers and abilities. Mad City has become extremely popular in the international gaming community where tens of thousands of Roblox users log in and spend hours killing Heroes to get into the Villains club. This game is highly recommended for open-world game lovers.

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