The Barrow Health and wealth raffle Event was first introduced in Arizona in 2003. This event was named Arizona’s Original Raffle, and its largest fundraising also started in the same year. It is the oldest fundraiser in the United States.

Barrow Neurological Institute was founded in 1962, and its head office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2003, Barrow Neurological Institute introduced a plan called the Health and Wealth Raffle.

The health and wealth raffle is a great event and opportunity for people who want to raise their revenue by buying tickets that can help them win prizes.

The Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle:

This institute has saved the lives of many people and is proud of its life-saving patient care and cutting-edge research and development in the neurological field.

If you are living in the US, then you can easily participate in this raffle and stand a chance to win great and exciting prizes.
The business model of the Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle is amazing. It’s more like entertainment than a real donation. And that is the reason why it has attracted the attention of the vast majority of people who donate thousands of dollars.

Usually, the Barrow Health and Wealth raffle is organized during the springtime. The previous year, it started on March 14th March 2019, and ended on April 25th, 2019.

You need to visit the official website of BarrowHealth and the wealth raffle to see the current participation events and their dates to participate and stand a chance to win money for health or education.

Spending time on an altruistic activity is the most praiseworthy thing we can do. There is no greater satisfaction than offering part to us without expecting anything in return. The sentiment is even greater when it comes to supporting the most vulnerable and unprotected population in society.

The Barrow Health and Wealth raffle is made up of volunteers who love to serve others. They know very well the benefits of volunteering, among which are:

  • Feel useful in giving help to others.
  • The gratification of seeing others improve thanks to what we did for them.
  • A feeling of personal fulfillment.
  • The appreciation of who receives help.
  • The connection established with other people and the possibility of expanding the network of friends.
  • Strengthening ties between the volunteer and the community it serves.
  • The experience gained can be applied to subsequent projects or could lead to the discovery of a new skill or vocation.
  • Plus, volunteering can be fun!

The Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle volunteers:

Examples of courage and passion to serve the volunteers of the Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle are some of the greatest treasures of the organization. Effort, dedication, and dedication are what they print in each of the tasks they perform. Without volunteers, the work of Cáritas would be impossible.

Almost half of those who form Cáritas are made up of volunteers, citizens like you, with sensitivity and generosity. The other half corresponds to people who provide social or community service or who carry out their professional practices.


Reasons to Participate in a Health and Wealth Raffle:

These are the most important reasons why you should put your money into this raffle.

  • The most important thing you should know about this raffle is that it takes care of the revenue and expenditure required at the institute for research, medical education, and patient care free of charge.
  • This raffle event also has a positive impact on the economics of the state of Arizona because the majority of the prizes and services are bought throughout the event, which in turn results in increased growth for the state and country. Its value was around $2 million in the year 2019.
  • The winners of this raffle get valuable and exciting prizes, and because of that, they become loyal members of this raffle and participate every time it is organized.

It’s been 17 years now since the project started, and it has given many awards and prizes to its participants. As of today, the Raffle has been successfully organized 31 times, which has contributed millions of dollars for research, patient care, and medical education. In terms of revenue, about $58 million has been contributed by Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle for research, patient care, and medical education.
In 2019, a grand prize of $1 million was awarded by the raffle, along with 2,450 other prizes, along with cars and cash prizes, to all participants.

A rare thing is for those who do not play because they are more science than letters and consider that the odds of getting the much-awaited prize seem an impossible task and warn us of it. And one hates mathematics when you check on the official list that neither stones nor refunds have fallen on your side.

What are the chances of winning prizes:

The main reason behind the participation of such a large number of people in this raffle is the high probability of winnings for the participants.
The probability of winning the raffle is 1 out of 25. So if you buy a ticket, you might be the lucky one to win among the 25 participants. So it’s not a kind of lottery where you have to fight with thousands of people to be a winner, and your probability of winning is very low.

The amazing thing about this raffle is that if you win a prize for the ticket you’ve bought, then you also stand a chance to win other prizes without buying any other tickets. In this way, you get luckier, and your winning chances are increased. In this process, you stand a chance to win a great prize or get qualified for lucky draws. The draw includes $1 million in grand prizes, along with many gifts and cash prizes.

Cost of a raffle ticket:

The normal price of a ticket for the raffle is $100.  You will get a discount of $50 if you buy a combo pack of three tickets, which costs $250. If you bought a ticket, then you can live in the competition as long as you want.

Cancellations of a raffle ticket:

For any reason, if you want to cancel your ticket, then you need to inform the raffle’s ticket cancellation teams twenty-four hours before the next draw. For example, if you have a ticket whose draw date is March 22nd, you have to inform the ticket cancellations team by the afternoon of March 21st.

How to get the ticket:

You can apply for raffle tickets online through their official website. You need a valid email address and contact information get register for raffle tickets. After successful registration, the institute gets your contact information and sends back a confirmation email.  For every valid purchase of raffle tickets, you will get an electronically generated receipt on which your ticket number and the amount you paid will be printed.
As the Raffles team keeps updating the Terms and conditions of their service, so you must check out their official website for rules and regulations.

Is eligibility required to participate?

To participate in the yearly Health and Wealth Raffle program, the minimum age required is 21. You can also participate as a business entity, but you must be aware of the terms and conditions related to participating with a company name. The main point to keep in mind is that you must be 21 years old when you make a purchase.

The buyer of a raffle ticket doesn’t need to be a resident of Arizona, but you must be present there while making the purchase.
According to the general terms of the raffle, you acknowledge that you are aware of all the rules while you enter the raffle.

The members, auxiliaries, separate subsidiaries, guardians, and relative organizations aren’t qualified to win prize cash from the pool. It incorporates:

  • Board individuals or official administration individuals of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
  • Respect Health Arizona Service Area Leadership Team
  • All board individuals and workers of St. Joseph’s Foundation and Barrow Neurological Foundation
  • Workers of CBIZ, Inc, and auxiliaries
  • The workers of R and R Partners
  • The close relatives of these individuals (that stay together) can likewise not be a piece of the wager.

What are the advantages of conducting this sort of raffle?

Conducting raffles like the H&W Raffle brings numerous advantages. Firstly, it supports the education of medical and research students by providing them with scholarships. Secondly, it helps raise funds to ensure that patients receive necessary care free of charge. Additionally, conducting such raffles contributes to the economic well-being of the state or central government. Lastly, the raffle attracts participants with exciting prizes, encouraging their active participation and support.

Why should you invest in the H&W raffle?

Investing in the H&W Raffle has several benefits. Firstly, it helps provide scholarships to medical and research students, allowing them to further their education. Additionally, the funds raised from the raffle go towards providing free healthcare for patients in need. Moreover, the raffle contributes to the economic growth of the state or central government. Lastly, participants have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, which adds to their active engagement in the raffle.


Hundreds of people make the Barrow Health and Wealth raffle to help the most vulnerable. Thus, many hours are added, and each of them gives up their time! They are precious hours that become well-being, food, clothing, education …

Have you ever thought about it? It is up to you to be a volunteer. You already know the benefits, and the help of more people is always necessary. The more, the better! But if it is difficult for you to give up some of your time to others, you can always help The Barrow Health and Wealth raffle to fulfill its function by joining as a donor. There are many ways to help!.

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