The b2b marketing strategy is an integral part of the company’s overall development strategy. It is an action plan to achieve the company’s sales objectives in the b2b market and a list of indicators to monitor the implementation of this plan. The b2b marketing strategy involves the way of the company’s interaction with clients and sales channels to be used.

Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021

The best way to improve the efficiency of your b2b marketing strategy for 2021 is to implement sales automation. Let’s analyze how automation tools help to implement a b2b digital marketing strategy at each step:

1. The Analytics Automatically Collected by the B2B Platform

Will help improve the efficiency of customer segmentation? This information, enhanced with other analytical data, such as customer potential, enables you to identify the needs of each segment and develop the right engagement strategy.

2. Choice of Sales Channels.

One of the most promising trends in the b2b market in 2021 is digital sales channels. They have three major advantages: they allow you to keep operating in a pandemic environment, reach the maximum number of clients when the resources of managers are limited, and reduce the company’s costs. Thanks to integrating the b2b platform with accounting programs and logistics calculators (CRM, ERP, and others), clients can view inventory balances, place orders, generate documents, calculate delivery terms and costs, track order status, and more through personal accounts.

B2B marketing Strategies

3. Tools Like Personal Accounts and Personalization.

allow you to build a strategy to communicate with your customers. Prices, discounts, special offers, and promotions can be personalized by the b2b sales platform based on the analysis of previous transactions’ data. Clients can set up the display of the catalog in a suitable format within personal accounts. For each client, special offers are automatically generated by the items the client was interested in (e.g., reviewed items, abandoned carts). This approach allows you to increase customer loyalty and the number of repeat purchases.

4. Defining the Sales Process.

The CRM systems allow automating the set of actions required for the successful completion of the deal. In addition, the b2b sales system includes an electronic document management system and provides for storage of all templates required to work with clients (catalogs, commercial offers, presentations, contracts). An electronic document interchange system with an electronic digital signature is the most relevant tool for b2b marketing strategy, which can facilitate the process of approval and signing of documents accompanying the process of collaboration with the client.

Implementing e-commerce solutions improves the efficiency of a b2b marketing strategy. One of the most important tools for this is the analytics collection module. You can find more useful information from AGORA experts on the use of analytics here:

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