Each year, more and more people are embracing the idea of owning an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV for short drone. This device has penetrated the world of tech by storm and lots of artists, businesses, and organizations are finding new ways to utilize the immense potential behind it. Truth be told, some people use it for very basic purposes (read selfies), but others have thought up of creative and practical ideas that can even save lives. If you have ever wondered how far we have come with expanding the purpose of drones, this article will show you the ropes.

Military use

miliarty use

Whenever there is a situation that is too dull, dirty or dangerous for humans, drones come in to save the day. The US military has been experimenting with UAVs since 1917 to penetrate constricted or enemy spaces. With attached cameras and sensors, they can serve for surveillance, bomb detection, air strikes, and spying. With remote control, drones can enter and scout suspected areas, without having to risk the lives of humans.

Filming, art, and journalism


Non-military uses of drones mainly revolve around media. For instance, lots of movies are using quadcopters and other devices to get those amazing aerial shots. Movies and television shows like The Wolf of Wall Street, Skyfall, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones have all used drones to bring a whole new enticing perspective to viewers. Reporters also claim that drones allow them to easily reach areas of interest, propelling journalism to a whole new level of news coverage. Shooting aerial footage is common practice now during the live broadcast as is among photographers who want to deliver impressive art.

Shipment and delivery

Hungry for pizza? Are you expecting mail? Need something from the stories? Soon enough, shipment and delivery are about to experience a revolution! Even though it is a work in progress, some cities plan on programming drones for various shipment purposes and thus reduce the need for human labor. Amazon, for instance, is set to facilitate up to 30-minute delivery services thanks to the power of drones. If this idea is brought to fruition, the time frame for shopping and receiving orders will be substantially reduced.

Rescue operations and disaster management

This is one of the nobler occasions where drones can really benefit humanity. In the case of natural or man-made disasters, UAVs can help us respond more timely and surgically. Aerial devices can collect data, pictures, scan the area, and provide clear footage of the accident site without needing to send expensive helicopters to scout the area. Additionally, drones can penetrate areas which are too small for helicopters so we can have front row seats for literally any calamity. And when it is time to commence a rescue operation, drones with a camera can win the race against time by tracking lost or injured persons and providing food and medical supplies even in the most challenging terrains – no matter if it is day or night.


Whether it’s for archeological studies, geographic mapping, wildlife monitoring or agriculture, drones can really save us a lot of time and energy when gathering data. Some places, such as dangerous coastlines and steep mountainsides, are inaccessible to humans. But with these remote-controlled devices, we can study any terrain with ease and precision. Most importantly, drones are used for a weather forecast that can detail weather parameters with exceptional cameras and effective sensors.


It is clear as day that drones have come a long way since the first military applications. Nowadays, you can even join the drone races or create aerial selfies that will leave your followers gagging. There is no doubt that UAVs are changing the world and have infiltrated many facets of our lives so for what purpose do you intend to use yours?

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