Gadgets That Will Put Your Safari Trip Over the Top

Hey! I heard you about amazing gadgets are going to use on safari! That is awesome! Have you decided what you are going to take with you? What about things to take that will make your adventure even better? Just thought I would let you in on some great gadgets that will make your trip into the bush more a memorable and comfortable experience.



You want the perfect sunglasses that will protect your eyes from not only the intense sunlight out on the plains but dust, dirt, small insects when traveling in an open vehicle. I like a wrap-around style for the perfect close fit. Also, I just think they are cool. Try looking at sports styles including the hunting styles that most suited for safari. Tinted and polarized lenses are suggested as you will be in the shade as well as sun.

For those who want to share the experience, check out some camera and video sunglasses. You can take pictures and video from your sunglasses leaving your hands free. The wrap around lens styles is out there. Some camera sunglasses are even connected to social media sites, so when you can connect to a signal, you can share your adventure with friends and loved ones.

{{}} This video offers instructions on how to set up and use your camera sunglasses.



Drones are a lot of fun. They can make your safari trip most adventurous used as a scout, as well as give you another perspective on the landscape. You know, more up close and personal with the animals. There are camera drones that can last up to 27 minutes in the air.

If you want to know about the best camera drones, you may want to look up this site that will review the what’s hot this year.

I must share with you that some research that must be done before you load up that drone to take on safari. Some countries have strict rules about drones. Also, those who are those companies guiding the safari may have conditions about drone use or even forbid them. No use in taking it if you can’t use it.


I suggest that you take a camera that will take great zoom shots and videos. It does not have to be an expensive or a complicated one unless you are taking photos for commercial shoots. I like the camera to be lightweight and simple, the kind you can slip out of your pocket, aim it, and shoot.

When traveling on an adventure such as a safari, take extra memory cards, extra battery charger, and a lens cloth. You may want to have a waterproof and dustproof bag for the camera with all the accessories. Keeping everything lightweight and protected will ensure your memories of the trip will be there when you arrive home.



There are tripods on the market today that are designed for travel. The design is a free form, so it will fit just about anywhere and let you get the shot or video you want. These types of tripods were designed for action scenes, and small enough fit in your protective camera bag.

If you don’t want to use a tripod, I tried making a bean bag filled with sand as a great way to get a steady shot. The bag can be only large enough for your camera to rest on it and should be easy to carry. Fill the bag after you arrive at your destination. Set the bag on a steady surface, pick your subject, and click for a great focused shot or video.


Nothing can spoil a trip more than poor-quality binoculars. You have a split second to see a great wildlife action when on safari and having a blurred vision of the scene is very frustrating. You will want a pair with a wide field of vision or view. The thing you want to research is the finest pair of binoculars you can afford with magnification numbers above seven and up to ten. The light number should be at least thirty.

Before purchasing binoculars, try them out. You want a pair that is comfortable to use. Check to see that they are not too heavy and fit your eye area well. Make sure that you keep the lens caps on while the binoculars are not in use. Clean them after use with a soft lens cloth. Try to keep the lens scratch free.



Monoculars are one lens versus the two lenses binocular. They are designed for daytime wildlife and bird watching. Use the same rules for magnification and light that apply to purchase binoculars.


Having light with you while out in the bush is a necessity. A headlamp is the best idea because it keeps your hands free. Remember to bring extra batteries as a backup. Most have LED lamps that are long-lasting, bright, and light in weight. Purchase a head torch that has a band that is adjustable and will be comfortable to wear.


Maybe being out in the wild is not as remote as it used to be. If you have a smartphone, there are apps that can act as a GPS or compass to let you know exactly where you are. They can tell you where wildlife was spotted recently as well as used as a second camera. Guidebooks can be accessed about the area’s wildlife plus the flora and fauna. Make sure you have a signal and data access while out on safari.

Spotting Scope Camera Attachment

When using a monocular, a camera, or a smartphone on safari, you will want this attachment. It allows you to make incredible zoom shots that are up to 60 times greater than your device is designed for. You will need a steady surface or tripod when using this attachment. {{}}

Water Purifier Bottle

When I visit any foreign country, I carry a water purifying bottle to help make my adventure an enjoyable one. It just takes a minute to turn questionable water into something safe to drink. To me, this is a “must have” when traveling abroad.

Tent Hammock

I tried a tent hammock combo and was delighted. The hammock is made with a net covering that is comfortable to sleep in, you stay cool, and it keeps the bugs out. The netting does not obscure your visibility. Mine can be used with poles or tied to trees. Look for a hammock tent that can be used with a waterproof rain fly.

Waterproof Personal Travel Bag

I carry all my “need to have” personal items such as my passport, money, keys, medications, credit cards, (just to name a few) in a small waterproof bag that stays with me. The cheapest is a zip lock plastic bag, but I don’t want to tie up my hands holding it. A lightweight backpack that I can secure has been a good idea as well as a fanny pack. Just be sure to get a waterproof and dustproof one to keep everything safe and secure.

Are You Ready For A Safari Adventure?

I hope you have a great safari trip that will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Most of these gadgets will enhance your experience as well as fun to play while in the bush. Bon Voyage!

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