Are you worried that your gadgets stop working correctly after a while? Show them some affection via these maintenance techniques. These devices have become an integral component of our daily lives. A modern-day human can’t imagine functioning without a laptop, computer, or smartphone. You purchase these gadgets with your hard-earned cash, so it’s natural to take care of your precious belongings as well. Here are a few tips to make your devices durable, long-lasting, and smooth-functioning.

1. Clean them regularly

The first one’s a no-brainer. Your gadgets need constant cleaning if you want them to be functional for a long time. Dirt, heat, and moisture ruin your devices and diminish their durability. We recommend bringing your gadgets to a professional cleaner once in a while for thorough cleaning. If you decide to clean them yourself, don’t spray and liquid cleaner directly onto their surface. Instead, caress the surface with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. This method will prevent short-circuiting in your devices.

2. Keep the batteries working

Batteries are your gadget’s lifeblood, so charge them regularly for proper functioning. Ascertain that your devices are always charged above 50% to keep the battery working. Try shallow charging/discharging, i.e., charge the gadget when it’s below 50% but disconnect it before reaching 100%. Also, you should charge the device from 0% to 100% once a month since it’ll help recalibrate the battery. Your device won’t explode if you charge it overnight. Still, most manufacturers also do not recommend leaving them plugged in all night.


3. Transport them safely

You should demonstrate extra caution while transporting your gadgets. Many portable devices are prone to get damaged during travel. For instance, your Spiritshack might break while you’re escaping a haunted residence after encountering some dreadful paranormal activity. Though these widgets are designed to resist damage, jolts and bumps can smash their internal components. So, always shut down a machine before carrying it, and don’t leave it powered on inside its casing. This brief precaution will help prolong the device’s life span.

4. Remember to waterproof

There have been some latest releases in the smartphone manufacturing industry that claim to be water-resistant. But not all gadgets can withhold getting damaged after a few droplets splashing on them. You won’t like water sneaking into your precious belongings either. So, it makes sense to waterproof these gadgets by using dry bags, especially when it’s raining outside. These bags are cheap options for protecting your devices from dampening and short-circuiting.

5. No back pockets

Your trousers’ back pockets seem like convenient locations where you can place your gadgets such as a smartphone. But it’s also suitable for a pickpocket to steal your device without your realization! And nobody can stop you from accidentally sitting and inflicting some severe damage on your well-protected widget. People are also prone to leaving their wallets inside their back pockets when this practice harms a person’s spine. So, it’s better to put your phone in the side pocket for safekeeping.

6. Keep children and pets away

Don’t hand over these devices to innocent children who aren’t familiar with these gadgets. They are unaware of how to use tech items properly; hence they might damage your gadgets. They can also intentionally/accidentally throw your smartphone in the water or pull off its buttons. Protect your devices from pets as well, lest they turn your precious belongings into their chewing toys. Keep them in your custody while animals are around. Don’t be careless with a gadget in your pet’s possession.


7. Get them insured

Don’t allow anyone to access your information even if the gadget gets stolen. So, create a password for your devices to prevent criminals from misusing your items. Do not choose easy-to-guess passcodes, e.g., your birthday. Also, get your devices insured. Learn about gadget insurance to ensure their security and safe return. Investing in gadget insurance helps you redeem your loss after the gadget gets lost, stolen, or missing. It seems wise to spend on insurance after purchasing an expensive tech item.

8. Use in moderation

People’s addiction to their devices compels them to overuse these gadgets. Prevent yourself from overusing these machines, and consider giving them and yourself a break! Multitasking enhances your efficiency and also downgrades your device’s performance. Similarly, avoid eating or drinking while using your laptop/computer/smartphone since food particles can enter these gadgets and ruin the hardware. Consuming your meals also distracts you from productively using your tech items.

9. Repair them immediately

Visit your nearest service center if your device stops working correctly. Since bringing the gadget to an unauthorized professional may result in further damage to your belonging. The trained experts at company service centers can fix both internal and external damage. Internal damage includes your gadget’s software malfunctioning or wiring issues. At the same time, external damage involves a cracked screen or slot breaking. These problems require immediate fixing, or they continue being a nuisance for you.

10. Prevent overheating

Don’t expose your gadgets to extreme temperatures lest they start melting. And melting machines don’t constitute a pleasant sight for which Terminator fans can vouch today. Your smartphones can’t tolerate overheating. Smartphones are designed to operate between 0°-35° C (32°-95° F for the American folks). If the atmosphere gets hotter than that, your device can start malfunctioning. The phone’s battery might get damaged. The same goes for your digital camera and related gadgets.

11. Sunbathing isn’t allowed

Sunlight also contributes to overheating. So, avoid placing your gadgets directly under the sun for too long. If it’s 82° F outside, then you must be careful about your devices. Put them into a comfortable covering before stepping into the heat since too much heat can hamper the functioning of your device’s features. Just like you prevent your gadgets from getting wet, it’s equally essential to protect them from prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

12. Get protective casings

Purchase protective casings for all your precious belongings. Some gadgets come pre-equipped with such coverings. But, if they aren’t a part of the official box, you must buy a case immediately. It protects the device from getting damaged when you drop it accidentally. A case doesn’t allow dirt, dust, or moisture to tamper with your gadget’s functionality. Don’t forget that slips, drops, and falls are inevitable. Thus, it’s wise to make these terrible happenings preventable by acquiring a suitable hard casing.


How vulnerable do you think your gadgets are? These devices – via constant human contact – contain more germs per square inch than a person’s bathroom. A study by the University of Arizona found that a smartphone has hundreds of times more bacteria than an office toilet! Several other studies have found dangerous pathogens, such as MRSA, E. coli, and Streptococcus. Yet, a survey revealed that two-thirds of people never cleaned their mobile phones. Your tech must be germ and dust-free, and it’s only possible with regular cleansing and gadget maintenance. Show these machines some affection, and they’ll stick with you for a long time. And you won’t have to spend to replace them now and then.

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