Most people try to avoid court cases as much as possible. However, if you have been hurt by what constitutes a personal injury, you have the right to a claim.

However, the legal process can be extremely tricky, especially if you have limited know-how. First, you may not be aware that you are “actually” entitled to a claim. Second, our perpetrators might try to get away. Last but not least, if you have a dingy insurance company, good luck getting any compensation at all. Listed below are a few occurrences that warrant getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. You may also visit to get more information or help from one of the best lawyers.

When you encounter a road accident

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to road accidents. And the great state of Colorado is known for its high motorcycle accident rate. According to the state website, 23% of all road accidents along highways involve a motorcyclist.

Accidental hits and runs, clips, and downright aggression from other drivers are far too familiar incidents that lead to personal injuries. A fair number of accidents do not get reported because riders merely want to get on with their lives. However, some victims and their families still have to suffer through the recovery process and financial damage, especially if the injury is severe. Here is where the best lawyer comes into play.

If you have been injured in a road accident and think you are entitled to a claim, look for motorcycle accident lawyers in Colorado or any state you reside in. Not only are you looking for the assailants to be held accountable, but you may also be entitled to financial compensation in the case of permanent injuries.

If your employer exposes you to occupational hazards

Sometimes employers ignore the dangers of specific jobs by withholding information on potential risks or being negligent towards proper SOPs. Not only do these actions cause injuries and illnesses, but in the case of asbestos poisoning, they can even be fatal.

Specific industries involve exposure to harmful chemicals and substances on a routine basis. For example, the textile and fashion industry uses harsh dyes that can cause allergies and other breathing ailments. Employers are responsible for ensuring that health and safety measures are in place before hiring workers to do the job. Failure to do so can constitute criminal behavior making the employer liable to pay claims for personal and health-related injuries.

Having been exposed to harmful substances as part of your job, you have the right to press charges by seeking assistance from a personal injury lawyer. The money can help in getting the proper medical attention to prevent the condition from worsening.

In the case of inadequate medical care or malpractice

Suppose you have sustained an injury or fallen ill. You go to the hospital but do not receive the proper care or experience medical malpractice. In that case, you may be in a position to press charges.

Hospitals and care facilities are responsible for providing the best treatment to their patients. Failure to do so doesn’t just warrant the necessary legal action, but it can also include the cancelation of licensure. Medical malpractice isn’t just an isolated case of healthcare providers not doing their job. It has significant social implications. Therefore, it is necessary to set a precedent by seeking a personal injury lawyer and filing a claim in such a case.

Personal inury lawyer

When your insurance company is giving you a hard time

Though you might be covered under an insurance plan, receiving payouts can be a complicated process. Not only do insurance companies want a stack of documentation proving that you are liable to receiving money. But even after that, some try to use stalling tactics to waste time or give you compensation lesser than the amount due.

In such an instance, it would be best to leave your case in the hands of a professional. Personal injury lawyers deal with shady insurance companies all the time. They know some of the stalling and low-balling tactics these companies employ and how to stop them in their tracks. Hence hire a good lawyer, put your case forward and wait for justice to prevail.

Unclear warning signs

General maintenance, cleaning, and fortification all require cautionary signs in place so that people avoid the area under work. Still, you will be surprised to discover how many people end up in the hospital after slipping on a wet floor. Hence, the management of public spaces needs to set down caution signs when conducting any of the activities mentioned above.

If the local grocery store has its floors mopped with no apparent signs and you slip, you can file a lawsuit. Whether or not you hurt yourself is irrelevant; the fact that you could have hurt yourself is crucial here. Moreover, ethical business practice suggests that management warn customers and the general public about potential hazards while cleaning/renovating to be cautious. It’s the same principle as not putting up warning signs when a road ahead is being built. By the way, you can claim damages in that case too.

Your neighbor’s dog bit you

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Though most of us love animals, that doesn’t mean we go around letting them bite us. Dog owners need to watch their pet and ensure that it’s trained not to harm others.

Failure to do so doesn’t just demand that the owner is liable to pay for medical bills. But, in some cases, the animal has to be taken away by pet control or put down. And this is why most people avoid pressing charges. They don’t want the animal to suffer because of the owner’s neglect.

The best thing to do is hire a dog bite attorney and issue a legal warning to train the animals before going for a more harsh approach.


This article went over some incidents that demand hiring a personal injury lawyer to receive your due share of compensation. These include road accidents, occupational hazards, medical malpractice, fighting stingy insurance companies, etc. You may see a court case as the struggle of hiring a lawyer, a hearing to attend, and a fair deal of hassle. But every case doesn’t need to end up in a courtroom. If your personal injury lawyer can help you reach an out-of-court settlement with your perpetrator, it would be ideal.

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