Knowing that there are people who have dedicated a large number of years to hone in, specialize in, and develop their skills, makes hiring them in the first place that much more rewarding. Understanding that they take their craft seriously and are proud to use it to help others, and we all know the world can never have enough good people.

Saying this, we are blessed to find that when we are facing troubling times we can ask for help, and with the right research and homework into exactly what you need assistance with, there is someone to come to your aid.

The legal system, its rules, and regulations, are there to protect us, guide us, and ensure that justice is achieved if an unfair situation presents itself. You want to have the right law firm behind you and a lawyer that is suited to your specific needs, taking your time will be beneficial in the long term.

Finding a helping hand

Searching for someone to help when you have suffered a terrible accident or are trying to process and work through a trauma of any kind can be overwhelming. You ideally want a firm that will be considerate and understanding but not so much that they agree to everything you say just to get a paycheck.

A lawyer or law firm that makes you feel comfortable when explaining your case and listens to your concerns is essential in making this experience one that has a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lawyers like Conte Jaswal understand that customer service and care are key, it not only shows that they are genuinely interested in fighting the case for you, but that they pride themselves in their work and brand and commit themselves to practice ethical law.

Too often legal representatives can get complacent with their work and end up simply going through the motions and settling for an average piece of compensation as opposed to the value you deserve and are entitled to.

You may have been left with mental, physical, or emotional scarring, and having to fight to get what is yours financially, to try to piece together some form of normal life again, doesn’t seem right or fair. A good lawyer will understand this.

There are basic factors you can look out for or consider essential during your research for the right personal injury lawyer, let’s take a look at the top few points patients and customers expressed to be the most important.

You could always ask friends or family members for recommendations, they will be able to help you understand what questions to ask and how the process works and give details on the type of customer care service you are likely to receive.

help support

Top 5 traits to look for in a good lawyer

  • Communication- It is one thing to be able to talk for hours on end but to be ‘heard’ when speaking is what makes all the difference. A good lawyer can effectively get the message across while making evident the objective of the subject at hand. The better they are at communication the more likely you are to settle at a compensation payout you deserve.
  • Specialized- Hiring an injury lawyer who has spent his time studying your specific field of injury or trauma is going to be your biggest advantage. Not only will they have worked on, assisted with, or executed cases successfully based on a similar situation, but an expert in the field will know which questions to ask during negotiations and how to answer appropriately.

We can all get heated at the moment when we believe the unfair treatment has taken place and can often say things that end up being detrimental to the situation and in this case your compensation claim. An injury lawyer will know how to handle rising tensions in the room or courtroom and act accordingly.

Some great tips here will help you see if the decision you made was the right one and that your lawyer is the best fit to handle your temporary predicament.

  • Judgment– In combination with analytical skills, a lawyer needs to show good judgment. He receives plenty of information and needs to organize and analyze it logically, all the while understanding which aspects could harm or help the case. A good judgment call can be the difference that makes or breaks a case.
  • Research– This goes without saying but in-depth and concise research is key to making a good case. A good lawyer instills confidence in the client when he arrives at court prepared with information, evidence, and the necessary paperwork to back up any claims or statements.
  • People skills- No matter how many hours a person spends with their head in the books and gaining all the knowledge deemed relevant, at the end of the day it comes to face-to-face encounters. What you say and how you deliver it leaves an impression on people, a good lawyer can read a room, the people in it, and make a decision that will persuade the jurors to make the right call.

More than just a personal injury lawyer

What patients and clients don’t realize till they are experiencing it for themselves is that a lawyer’s job is often not contained to the courtroom or law offices but extends further afield to other industries. Working hand in hand with them allows you to receive the best care whether mentally or physically and get you on track to a speedy recovery.

personal injury lawyer

Lawyers work with specialized and tailored industry professionals, having seen similar cases and advising the best possible solution to issues and ailments. They deliver more than what they are paid for, and this is what makes a good lawyer ‘good’ but a great lawyer successful.

Another point that came up in conversation was that the world as we know it is advancing technologically and with this so are the trade skills and higher education occupations. A legal representative needs to be well-versed in balancing the books if needed and seems to be necessary in more cases documented of late, but also saving the environment by sending and receiving paperwork electronically as opposed to piles of folders stuffed into boxes.

You want to build a relationship with your lawyer, this way both parties work on and rely on trust and with open communication, there will be no doubts whether there is anything to be concerned about.

Great lawyer versus a good lawyer

A quote that couldn’t ring truer comes to mind when we think about what makes someone, in the same field as the next person, stand out; ‘Great lawyers are accessible and available to their clients at all times. A good lawyer doesn’t just respond to a ringing phone, but rather makes other people’s phones ring.’

This shows that they are adamant and willing to give it their all, that they pride themselves in a job well done. Although completing the job efficiently and effectively as any other respectful lawyer would, they advise and explain the consequences of actions to follow in the best interest of the client’s business and personal life.

An interesting video on the subject seen in this link shows what to be aware of when choosing a lawyer, how to spot a potentially bad decision, and whether a lawyer is in it for the paycheck or in it for the client.

Any person in general, no matter the industry, who exudes confidence has half the battle won as my granny always liked to say, and I have to agree. Walking into a room with a winning mentality immediately puts the opposing counsel on the back foot, add to that a well-tailored power suit (not a necessity but it certainly helps) and you suddenly feel like you are on the set of Suits and thankfully on the winning team.

You deserve it

This statement goes without saying, it isn’t enough that you are suffering from a trauma that may have impacted the rest of your life, but to not be paid a compensation package that could make the transition that much easier will only ‘drive the knife in deeper.’

Life is busy, schedules and deadlines seem to be everywhere, and to top it all off the insurance company is giving you the run around like it’s marathon season. If you are fortunate enough to go back to work after an accident, the time off needed to make court appearances and attend meetings or depositions can be lengthy and consuming and your boss may not take the time off too lightly if it becomes a frequent occurrence.

Handing over the reins to your lawyer to handle it will take a huge weight off your shoulders, they can file all the paperwork, attend the negotiations and meetings, and call you when only when initial and final decisions need to be confirmed or signed off on.

You deserve to make the best of your life and live the hand you were dealt.

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